Northumberland Livestock


December 2

At Wooler Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly Primestock sale of sheep. Sold 915 Lambs and 240 Ewes.

Lamb numbers similar, long wit trade, inspect types again keenly sort after, buyers requiring larger numbers.

Lambs per Head: Texel Cross: £78 Greenhead, Reston and Lickar Moor, £77.50 Lorbottle, £77 Inland Pastures, £76 Yetlington Lane and Brandon White House, £75.50 Lorbottle, £75 Wandon, Treaty Park, Mindrum (three) and Inland Pastures (two). Cheviot: £77, £72 (two) Humbleheugh. Charolais Cross: £75 Wandon. Suffolk Cross: £75 South Falaknowe, £73.50 Craigshouse, £72.50 Brandon White House. Vendeen: £70.50 (two) Craigshouse.

Lambs per kg: Texel Cross 182.9p, 178.6p, 173.8p Inland Pastures, 178.6p (two), 173.8p (two) Mindrum Farming Co, 176.7p Brandon White House, 176.2p Wandon and West Longridge, 175.6p West Longridge, 175p Lilburn Estates, 172.5p Shipley Smallburn and Lorbottle. Suffolk Cross: 174.4p Lilburn Estates, 170p Newstead. Vendeen: 167.9p (two) Craigshouse. Cheviot Cross: 166.3p Great Ryle.

Ewe numbers slightly less but again a flier to average £71.09 more needed for a centre well above most.

Ewes: Texel Cross £91 Lickar Moor, £87.50, £80.50 Black Heddon, £85 Alnham, £81.50 Elwick. Suffolk Cross: £87 Milfield Demesne, £86.50 Great Ryle, £83.50 Wandon. Zwartble: £82.50 Barelees. Cheviot Mule: £74.50 North Lyham. Cheviot: £67.50 North Lyham. Mule: £66.50 Stamford, £65 Wandon and Greenhead, Reston, £64.50 The Hagg.