Northumberland Livestock


December 3

North East Livestock Sales Christmas Show and Sale of Prime Stock sold 74 prime cattle including 18 cast cows and 2452 sheep comprising 1905 lambs and 547 cast ewes and was kindly sponsored by Barclays Bank and Northumbria Quality Feeds.


The cattle were expertly judged by Malcolm Riddell of R Turnbull & Sons, Alnwick who awarded the Championship to a Limousin x BB Heifer from I Renton & Son, High Highlaws realising 570 kg @ 289.5p and £1650, bought by the judge. Reserve Limousin Steer 664 kg @ 239.5p £1590 High Highlaws bought by C Nicholson & Son, Whitley Bay, 2nd Limousin heifer 239.5p @ £1394 C Mellor, Annstead bought by R Turnbull & Sons, 2nd Limousin steer 234.5p @ £1651 C Mellor, Annstead also R Turnbull & Sons, Best Native Breed 200p Causey Park, Best Limousin Bull 195.5p South Acton.

Other Prices: Lim hfrs 241.5p High Highlaws, 238.5p, 1231.5p, 229.5p, 211.5p Annstead, 228.5p, 223.5p West Hall, 225.5p Oakdene, 223.5p South Bellshill, Bel strs 236.5p, 215.5p South Acton, 233.5p High Highlaws, Blonde str 217.5p Oakdene.


Best Limousin cow £1118 (141.5p) Juries House, 897, 878, 800 (116.5p, 111.5p) Embleton Mill, Angus cow 913 (113.5p) Shipley Hill.


The show was ably judged by J Curle, Bowsden. A great pen of light Beltex lambs from M & N Gray, Low Espley coming out on top of an excellent show. The Champions were 39 kg @ £115 (295p) to the judge. Reserve heavy Beltex 44 kg @ £100 Annsteads, 2nd Light Beltex 84 Hemelspeth, 2nd Heavy Beltex 92 Low Espley, 1st Light Texel 76 Wingates Moor, 2nd Light Texel 79 Thrunton, 1st Heavy Texel 95 South Rennington, 2nd Heavy Texel 81 Thrunton, 1st Suffolk 85 Warton, 2nd Suffolk 84 Newlands Haugh, 1st Continental 94 Low Espley, 2nd Continental 75 North Lyham, 1st Cheviot 80 Warton, 2nd Cheviot 74 Warton, 1st Mules 77.50 Blagdon Burn, 2nd Mules 72 Craster Heugh, 1st Black Face 71 Blagdon Burn, Best Shepherds Lambs 92 (42 kg) Low Espley, 1st Dressed Pair 108 (43 kg) Glanton Town, 2nd Dressed Pair 100 (44 kg) Glanton town, Heaviest Lamb Cheviot 100 (66 kg) East Ditchburn, Solway & Tyne Texel Breeders Best Pen 95 South Rennington.

Other Prices: Heavies Averaged 155p, SQQ 171p.

Beltex 106, 94 Glanton, 98, 92, 89 Annstead, 96 Howick Scar, 92 Low Espley, 93, 91, 88 Bothal Barns, 84 Hemelspeth, Texels 85 Glanton, 83 Wingates Moor, South Bellshill, Char x 86 Beal Bank, 86, 84 Burnhouse, 84 Warton, Suffolk 85, 84 Warton, 84 Newlands Haugh, Vendeen 82 Redsteads.

Beltex 295p, 227p, 224p, 204p, 201p Low Espley, 251p, 227p, 224p, 212p Glanton, 251p, 200p Annstead, 200p Hemelspeth, 195p Matfen, Texels 204p, 202p, 195p Glanton, 202p Wingates Moor, 198p South Rennington, 196p, 193p Annstead, 192p Howick Scar, 190p Bothal Barns, Harbottle Grange, 189p Loanend.


Lean sorts good to sell, fatter sorts a touch easier.

Texels 130, 112, 94 Middleton Mill, 124 Harbottle Grange, 120 Coatyards, 98 Craster, 90 Bank Foot, Suffolk 100 Coatyards, 87 Tuthill, 80 Bank Foot, Llyn 88 Embleton Steads, 82, 80 Redsteads, Beltex x 80 Newham Hagg, Mules 61 Harehope, 60 Tuthill, Banktop, Craster, Texel rams 105 South Bellshill, 100 Blagdon Burn, 99 West Bolton.