Northumberland Livestock


November 26

North East Livestock Sales sold 73 prime cattle, including 30 cast cows and 2,810 sheep, comprising 2,169 lambs and 641 cast ewes.


Sim x hfrs 233.5p, 221.5p Herds House. Lim hfrs 227.5p Blagdon Burn, 225.5p, 218.5p High Highlaws. Char hfrs 223.5p, 218.5p, 216.5p Widdrington. Blond hfrs 213.5p Oakdene. B Blue hfrs 211.5p, 209.5p Nesbit. Lim hfrs 1352, 1333 Blagdon Burn. B Blue hfrs 1341, 1328 Nesbit. Char hfrs 1303 Widdrington. Lim strs 1377, 1373, 1350 Earsdon East.


A touch sharper. Charolais 1245 (127.5p) Low Burradon. Simmental 1060, 1046, 975, 946 (117.5p, 116.5p, 115.5p) Pasture Hill, 876 (111.5p) Blagdon Burn. Lim 1053, 1040 (116.5p, 114.5p) Glanton Town, 870 (118.5p) Meadows. Stab 961 (117.5p) Park Farm. Angus 886, 843 (120.5p) Framhill.


All classes similar, with over half the sale consisting of heavy and overweight types. Handy weight quality in short supply. Heavies 148p, SQQ 165p.

Texel 86.50 (two), 85 Brinkburn Newhouses, 85, 80 South Bellshill, 80 Chevington Moor, Ingoe Low Hall, East Coldside. Beltex 85.50, 80, 79 Glanton, 81, 79(two) Herds House, 80 Pigdon, Bothal Barns. Suffolk 80 Berry Hill, Eslington Hill, 79 Thrunton, Bank Top. Mule 72, 71, 70 Blagdon Burn.

Beltex 204p, 188p Glanton, 195p, Howick Scar, 193p, Herds House, 192p, 185p Low Espley, 190p High Learchild, Preston Mains, 188p Watch Currock, 184p Hemelspeth. Texels 183p Chevington Moor, 182p Pigdon, 179p Ulgham Fence, East Thirston.


More leaner hill ewes on show. Suffolk Rams 104 Donkin Rigg. Char Rams 100 Cornhill. Beltex Rams 98 High Trewhitt. Suffolk 90(two) Cornhill, 86 Swinhoe, 85(two) South Lyham. Texel 88 Ingoe Low Hall, 88, 84 Wingates Moor, 86 East Trewick. Char 80 Burnhouse, Felton Demesne. Lleyn 80, 75 Middleheugh. Cheviot 73 Wandylaw. Mule 63 Wingates Moor, 62 Redsteads. Swale 42 Blackhalls.