Northumberland Livestock


September 15

John Swan Limited had forward and sold 169 Breeding Ewes and 32 Gimmers. Decimated catalogue saw all classes sell to vendors advantage.

Breeding Ewes

Suffolk.x four crop:- £100 Holy Island (two), £89, £87 Great Ryle, £85 Mindrum.

Mule four crop:- £72 Holy Island (two) BF 1 Crop:- £60 Eglingham Hall, West Wing.

Gimmers:- Tex.x:- £122 Black Heddon. BF:- £69 Eglingham Hall, West Wing.

September 16

At their weekly sale of Primestock John Swan Limited had forward and sold 1184 Lambs and 517 Ewes.

Lamb numbers pleasing due to six day rule, inspec types dearer and easy to sell.

Leading Prices Per Head:- Tex:- £71 South Charlton, £70 Black Heddon, Biddlestone Home Farm (two), Shipley Lane, Holy Island, £68 Ladykirk, £67.50p Lorbottle, £67 West Longridge (two), Mindrum, Titlington Mount. Sfx:- £69 Castlelaw, £68 Auchencrow Mains, Biddlestone Home Farm, £67.50p Castlelaw, Auchencrow Mains, £67 Auchencrow Mains, Shipley Lane, Holy Island. Chv:-£67 South Charlton, £65 Humbleheugh. MB:- £64, £63.50p Islay Hill. Bel:- £61 Ladykirk.

Leading Prices Per Kilo:- Tex:- 170.7p Shipley Lane, Black Heddon, 169.1p South Charlton, 167.6p Lilburn Estates, 167.5p Mindrum, 165.8p Lilburn Estates (two), 165p Ladykirk. Bel:- 164.9p Ladykirk. Sfx:- 163.2p, 161.4p Lilburn Estates, 160.7p Auchencrow Mains, 158.1p Biddlestone Home Farm, 155.8p Shipley Lane, 153.9p Newstead, 151.1p Auchencrow Mains. Chv:- 156.1p Humbleheugh, 152.4p South Charlton. MB:- 154.9p Islay Hill.


Good numbers forward all classes on a par.

Leading Prices Per Head:- Tex:- £90 Lorbottle, £79 Holy Island, £75.50p Lilburn Estates, £73.50p Lorbottle, £70.50p Sandylands. Sfx:- £85.50p Lilburn Estates.