Northumberland Livestock


July 30

A North East Livestock Sale sold 52 clean cattle, 20 cows, 1499 lambs and 319 cast ewes.

Cattle: A better show of cattle, dearer on the week and selling to a full ring of buyers.

Lim x hfrs 1551, 1507, 1475 Blagdon Burn, 1459 South Bellshill, AA x hfrs 1451, 1413 Tritlington Hall, Lim x strs 1548 Blagdon Burn, 1512, 1435 East Coldside, 1458 South Bellshill, 1457 Proctor Steads, AA x str 1422 South East, Char x str 1411 South East, Lim bulls 1208, 1206 Elyhaugh, 1205 Blagdon Burn.

Lim x hfrs 239.5p (two), 235.5p Blagdon Burn, 239.5p, 228.5p Boulmer Hall, 211.5p Proctor Steads, AA x hfrs 239.5p, 217.5p Tritlington Hall, 226.5p Hemscott Hill, 216.5p, 211.5p Burnhouse, Lim x strs 239.5p South Bellshill, 223.5p Proctor Steads, 214.5p Blagdon Burn, AA x str 217.5p South East, Lim bulls 198.5p, 195.5p Elyhaugh, 194.5p Blagdon Burn.

Cows: Cows another steady trade with a good show of feeding types.

Lim x 930, 859 (129.5p, 127.5p) Lucker, 829 (123.5p) Tosson Glebe, Lim x OTM hfr 903 (133.5p) Blagdon Burn, AA x 925, 881 (119.5p, 114.5p) Twizell, Here 922 (112.5p) Blagdon Burn, Sim x 833 (120.5p) Herds House, OTM hfr 831 (114.5p) Swinhoe North, BB x 810 (104.5p) Woodwell.

Lambs: More demand saw an increase of £3 a head on the week.

Overall average £68.20 and 154p.

Texels 78.50, 74.50 East Trewick, 77.50, 77, 74 Craster Heugh, 77, 76.50, 74 South Bellshill, 75.50 Old Deanham, 75 Howick Estates, Beltex 78.50 Glanton Town, 77.50 Shaw House, 77, 76.50 Preston Mains, 75.50, 75, 74.50, 74 Annsteads, 74.50 Low Espley, 74 Corneyside, Howick Scar, 73.50 Bothal Barns, Suff x 74.50 Blagdon Burn, 74 Thrunton Red House, South Bellshill, 73.50 Sharperton Edge.

Beltex 194p, 185p, 183p, 182p, 180p Annstead, 180p, 167p Glanton Town, 171p Nesbit, 167p, 166p Bothal Barns, Texels 169p Annstead, 168p Norwoods, 165p Preston Mains, 164p Howick Scar, East Trewick, Old Deanham, 163p Longshaws.

Ewes: Dearer on the week, all types wanted.

Texel 108, 100 Annstead, 100 Herds House, 98 East House, Corneyside.

Suff x 105 Herds House, 98 Brotherwick, 96 East House, Nesbit, 95 Southfield,.

Beltex 90 East House, HB 90 Nesbit, BFL 80 Edlingham Demesne.

ule 80 Boulmer Hall, 74 Howick Scar, 72 Causey Burn, BF 72 Broome Park, Herds House, Texel rams 115 Butterknowes.