Northumberland Livestock

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July 16

North East Livestock Sales sold 41 prime cattle and 2278 sheep comprising 1990 lambs and 288 cast ewes.

Cattle: Another good trade with mainly steers on show.

Lim strs 1600, 1564, 1444 Blagdon Burn, 1511 East Coldside, 1510, 1505 Howick Scar, Char strs 1542, 1530, 1500 Hemscott Hill, Angus str 1501 Chibburn, Char hfr 1340 Howick Seahouses.

Lim strs 218.5p Chibburn, Heavy strs 210.5p, 208.5p Blagdon Burn, 209.5p Hemscott Hill, 209.5p Make Me Rich, Warton, BRB bulls 205.5p (two), 198.5p Herds House, 1336 Herds House.

Cows: Lim 1066 (163.5p) The Brocks, 1005 (117.5p) Make Me Rich, Sim 916 (124.5p) Tritlington.

Lambs: Despite more buyers in attendance, all classes a bit easier in line with trend.

Texels 84, 79 Corneyside, 82.50 Rugley, 82, 78, 77 Old Deanham, 77 Lane End, 76.50 South Linden, South Bellshill, Beltex 79, 77.50, 77 Annsteads, 76 Chevington Moor, East Newham, Bothal Barns, Watch Hill, Half Bred x 76 Elilaw, East Trewick, Chev x 75.50 East Ditchburn, Suffolk 75 Howick Estates, Craster Heugh, Chev Mule 75.50 The Lee, Vendeen 77, 75 South Lyham.

Beltex 194p, 193p, 184p, 181p, 175p Annsteads, 190p Chevington Moor, 181p Watch Hill, Texel 179p Causey Park, 175p Corneyside, 174p Hillcrest, 173p Widdrington, 170p Oakdene Grange.

Ewes: A similar trade with fewer heavy ewes forward.

Texel rams 130, 98 Park Farm, 106 Butcher Hill, Texel ewes 110 Stamford, 96 Chevington Moor, 95 Howick Scar, Suffolk 100 Stamford, 88, 86 Elilaw, 88 Chevington Moor, HB 89 Nesbit, 86 Elilaw, Beltex 86 Hillcrest, Mule 68 Stamford, Craster Heugh, Butcher Hill, BF 55 West Lilburn.