Northumberland Livestock


July 1

At their weekly sale of Primestock John Swan Limited had forward and sold 817 lambs, eight hoggs and young sheep and 271 Ewes.

Silage endeavours and shearing kept numbers tight, all types substantially dearer than early markets. Vendors must note the premium remains in the handier weighted types to 41kg.

Leading prices per head:- Tex.:- £75 The Venchen, £72 Wandon, £72 Ladykirk (two), £70 Eden Lodge, Fowberry Moor, Wandon (three), Village Farm, Seahouses, Low Middleton, Branton East Side and Ladykirk.

Suff.x:- £70 Eden Lodge and Brandon White House, £69 Chesterhill, £68 Wandon, £67 Chesterhill. Bel:- £70 Chillingham Home Farm.

Leading prices per kilo:- Tex.x:- 189.5p Ladykirk, 188.9p Shipley Smallburn, 184.6p Ladykirk, 178.2p Black Heddon, 177.8p, 177.1p Fowberry Moor.

BEL:- 184.2p, 180.6p Chillingham Home Farm. Suff.x:- 177.8p Fowberry Moor, 171p Treaty Park.

Hoggs sold to £72 from the Venchen.

Ewe numbers progressing, with sun shining fat types proving more difficult to sell, leaner sorts very dear.

Leading prices per head:- Tex.x:- £100 West Rennington, £98.50 Hedgeley Farms, £97 West Rennington, £92.50 Mayfield.

Suff.x:- 88.50 West Longridge, £88 Mayfield, £85.50 West Longridge, £85 Newstead, £83 Newstead, £82.50 Mayfield. Chm:- £86 Lorbottle, £83 Tughall, Chv:- £73 Hethpool.

Mule:- £77 Mayfield, £74 Lorbottle and West Longridge, £73.50 Mayfield, £72 Hedgeley Farms.

BF:- £64.50 Hedgeley Farms, £63 Hethpool and Ladykirk. Swa:- £64.50 West Rennington.

Rams:- Suf:- £117 Reavley, Bfl:- £114.50 Reavley. Zwa:- £112.50 Stickle Heaton. BF:- £86 Hethpool. Chev:- £80 Reavley.