Northumberland Livestock


July 2

Cattle: A smaller show met a brisk trade selling to a top of 245p for a smart Limousin x butcher’s heifer from South Bellshill.

Lim x hfrs 244.5p, 211.5p South Bellshill, 220.5p Blagdon Burn, Char x hfrs 238.5p, 235.5p, 215.5p (two) Low Hall, Lim x strs 221.5p, 209.5p Blagdon Burn, 209.5p (two), 208.5p Startup, AA x str 215.5p South Bellshill.

Char hfrs 1596, 1535 Low Hall, Sim x hfr 1486 Low Hall, Lim x hfr 1423 South Bellshill, Lim x strs 1547 South Bellshill, 1522, 1508 East Coldside, 1472 Startup, 1466, 1428 Blagdon Burn.

OTM: Lim Bull 1622 (131.5p) Percy Farms, 1267 (124.5p) East Thirston, Ang Cow 1012 (117.5p) Birchwood Hall, Lim x 997 (138.5p) Bilton, Sim x 921 (124.5p) Hazon House.

Lambs: Texel 86, 81.50 South Bellshill, 83.50 Low Hall, 82 Craster Heugh, 80.50 Chester Hill, Char x 84.50 Blagdon Burn.

Texel 179p East House, 176p Houndalee, 175p Nesbit, 174p Low Hall.

Ewes: Still good to sell, over fat less money.

Texel 120 Broome Park, 98 Field House, 94 Low Hall, 93, 91 Houndalee, Suffolk 105 Herds House, 98 Stamford, 95 Boulmer Hall, 91 Lowsteads, Mule 75.50 Stamford, 71 Blagdon Burn, 70 Houndalee, Chev 72 Hoprig, BF 69 Houndalee, 57.50 Harehope.