Northumberland Livestock


November 10

NORTH East Livestock Sales sold 87 prime cattle 26 cows 4393 sheep comprising 3227 lambs and 1166 cast ewes.

Lambs- All classes well sold overall average £80.20. SQQ 190.2p. Best average £83+. Sale topped by pen of Beltex 45k, 96 Annstead. Beltex- 93, 89, 88 Annstead 89 Low Espley 88.50, 88 Howick Scar 88 Watch Currock. Texel- 90.50 Norwood 88.50 Annstead 88 (two) Wingates Moor 89 Blagdon Burn. Suffolk- 92.50. 88.50, 88 South Bellshill 89, 87 Rugley 88 Paxton Dene 87 Grindon Hill. Charolais- 87 Sunniside, East Coldside 86 South Farm. HBX- 87 Fenham Hill. B D’Maine- 86 New Shorestone 85 Warkshaugh, Hope House. Ch/Mule- 87 South Charlton 85 East Ditchburn. Mule- 79 Duddo Hill 76.50, 76 Craster 75 Birtley Shield. Beltex- 226p 215p 213p 211p Annstead 222p 213p Low Espley 215p Herds House 214p 211p Howick Scar.

Texel- 220p Lorbottle West 213p Felton Demesne 212p Garden Cottage 210p Watch Currock, Wingates Moor. B D’Maine 211p Fenham Hill 210p New Shoreston. Charolais- 210p South Farm 209p 208p Stanton 207p Smallburn. Suffolk x - 205p Crammond Hill 203p Causey Park 201p Hope House.

Cast Ewes- Very similar, heavies in short supply.

Mules-85 Make Me Rich 84 Grindon Hill 82 Birchwood 81 Prior Hall, New Shorestone. Texel- 105 Low Hall 101 Hope House 99, 98 Trewhitt Steads. Charolais- 96 Shipley Hill 92 Craster, Make me Rich. Suffolk- 95 Shawbraes 94 Longlea 92 Stamford, Rugley. B D’Maine- 92 New Shoreston. BF- 69 West Hall 66 West Raw 65 South Wingates. Tex Rams- 126 Blagdon Burn 111 West Bolton. Suff Rams- 120 Low Espley.

Cattle- A moderate show well sold.

Lim Hfrs- 222.5p 220.5p (two) 215.5p 200p High Highlaws 209.5p 207.5p 200p Blagdon Burn. Sim Hfrs- 200p (two) Bilton. Char Strs- 203.5p 200.5p Ferneybeds.

Sim Strs- 202.5p East Coldside 200p West Hall. Sim Bull- 202.5p Oakdene. Sim Strs- 1391 1323 Ferneybeds 1335 1316 West Hall. Lim Hfrs- 1396 High Highlaws 1300 Nesbit.

Cows- Flesh in short Supply.

Lim Cows- 1070 (138.5p) South Wingates. Angus Cow- 1017 (143.5p) East Moor. Sim Cows- 949 (135.5p) Lorbottle West 946 (169.5p) Thornham Hill.


November 11

BORDER Livestock Exchange Ltd to week ending Friday, November 11, sold 196 Prime Cattle including 111 Cast Cows, 2,894 Prime Lambs, 1,424 Store Lambs, 320 Cull Ewes and 180 Store Cattle.

Prime Cattle continue to firm in price as numbers of finished cattle shorten. Continental Bullocks from Mervinslaw, Jedburgh sold to 353p per kg to average £1,371.

Charolais Heifers from Easington Grange, Belford sold to 346p per kg and averaged £1,254 for 16 head. Belgian Blue Young Bulls from Bowsden Moor, Berwick upon Tweed sold to 324p per kg and £1,655 per head (Home Bred at 16 months).

Cull Cows also continue to sell extremely well with Limousin Cows Ex Bowsden Moor selling to £1,581 and 310p per kg. Aberdeen Angus x Cows from Pallinsburn, Wooler sold to £1,279. Suckler Crosses from Palacehill, Jedburgh to £1,069.

Store Cattle and Lambs are being sold weekly with good numbers at well above sellers expectations. Spring Term Suckler Calves to £800 for Charolais x Bullocks. Store Lambs in great demand to £70 Mowhaugh, Yetholm.


November 9

AT their weekly Primestock Sale John Swan Limited had forward and sold 889 Lambs and 351 Ewes.

All classes received a massive increase, vendors delighted with returns, more sheep needed for extra buyer in the ring. Overall Average - 44.6 kg – 183.8p - £81.89.

Leading Prices Per Head:- Bel:- £97.50, £92.50 The Loan. Tex.:- £90 Ladykirk, £89.50 West Longridge, £89 Lickar Moor, £88.50 Ladykirk, £88 Fowberry Moor, £87.50 Roddam Estates, Lickar Moor (two), £87 Greenhead, Reston, £86.50 Ladykirk, £86 Low Middleton and Fowberry Moor.

Suff.x:- £86 Common Flat, £85.50 Castlelaw, £85 Ladykirk, £84.50 Marigold, £84 Treaty Park and Newstead. Char:- £85 Ladyflat.

Leading Prices Per Kilo:- Bel:- 237.2p, 232.1p The Loan. Tex.x:- 221.8p Ladykirk, 219.7p Chillingham Newtown, 214.5p Cockhall, 212.5p, 210.7p Ladykirk, 209.8p Low Middleton, 209.5p Fowberry Moor, 208.5p, 8 Mordington, 208.3p Roddam Estates, 207.1p Greenhead, Reston, 206.1p Elwick, 203.4p West Longridge, 202.7p Fowberry Moor. Suff.x:- 204p Cockhall. Char:- 202.4p Ladyflat. Mule:- 192.3p, 8 Mordington.

Ewes a good show with all classes remaining at recent dear rates.

Leading Prices:- Suff.x:- £125 Venchen. Suff.x:- £109 Lickar Moor, £108 Shipley Lane, £103 Low Middleton, £100 Venchen, £99 Venchen, £98 Roddam Estates, £96.50 Low Middleton. Tex.:- £108 Elwick, £105 Roddam Estates, £96 Roddam Estates. Chev:- £89.50 Kettleburn. HB:- £86 Marigold Farming Co. Mule:- £80 Wandon, £79 South Falaknowe and Low Middleton, £76 Shipley Lane and Castlelaw, £75.50 Venchen, £75 Elwick. BF:- £70 Lowick Mill. Tex. Ram:- £99 Castlelaw.