NFU welcomes commitment to British food

Commitments to British food and the acceleration of high-speed broadband roll-out are among the promises the NFU is pleased to see political parties make in their manifestos.

President Meurig Raymond said: “It’s good to see our ask for a comprehensive plan to grow UK food production promised by the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat parties, and wide cross-party support for the Grocery Code Adjudicator extension, rolling out high-speed broadband to rural areas and better labelling. There’s also mixed party support on the reduction of red tape.

“The areas of divergence are of great concern to the NFU. These include the TB eradication strategy which the Labour and Green Parties have rejected. We would like to see more detailed policies from Ukip and the Conservative Party on dealing with a potential exit from the EU, as it’s the UK’s largest food export market and source of support payments.”