NFU urges Tories to focus on farming

Making farming a priority, urges the NFU.
Making farming a priority, urges the NFU.

Industry leaders have been brought together by the NFU to discuss the need for food and farming to be firmly high up on the new Conservative Government’s agenda.

The event, hosted by NFU President Meurig Raymond, provided an opportunity for more than 20 organisations to set out their priorities in a bid to help shape and implement food and farming manifesto pledges.

Mr Raymond said: “I am delighted Liz Truss has been re-appointed as Secretary of State and I will be meeting with her later this week to discuss how we can best champion the needs of food and farming across Westminster.

“The NFU and the farming industry share the Government’s ambition of wanting to grow more, buy more and sell more British food at home and abroad.

“I want to see a robust plan put in place to reverse long-term declines in farming productivity and the nation’s self-sufficiency, increase the productive potential of farming, to stimulate investment, help farmers manage market volatility and ensure that the drive to increase British food production is at the heart of each government department.”