New social network aims to be purr-fect for pet lovers

Dominic Plumley has launched PetsOnForm.
Dominic Plumley has launched PetsOnForm.

An experienced vet has launched a new social network to ‘give pets a voice’ and to help owners keep their animals healthy.

Dominic Plumley is behind PetsOnForm, which offers a collection of tools for people to take care of their beloved cats and dogs.

The 46-year-old from Alnwick has worked tirelessly to create the quirky facility, which is available via the website and in app form.

It contains a number of features which he hopes will be the purr-fect way to monitor the well-being of pets and to give like-minded animal lovers the chance to share information, stories and pictures about their animals.

Married father-of-two Dominic said: “PetsOnForm is a social network specifically designed for pet owners and I don’t think there is anything else quite like it.

“With a collection of tools that helps you care for your pet, the site can be used as a stand alone application that helps you to record every stage of your pet’s life.

“On top of this, the social network will connect you with family and friends and like-minded pet lovers.”

One of the main features of PetsOnForm is a health assessment, giving people the chance to monitor and follow developments in their pet’s key health indicators.

Dominic said: “I honestly think this is a unique feature and I think it is the first online, interactive health assessment tool for pets which provides bespoke advice.

“People will be able to compare their pet’s results with the PetsOnForm health-assessment database – choosing comparison groups by breed, age or gender. They will be able to create customised health-assessment summaries to print out for their vets.”

Other aspects of PetsOnForm include an extensive database of dog and cat breeds, while owners can set up profiles for themselves and their pets.

Dominic, who has worked as a vet for two decades, said: “I see cases on a day-to-day basis that I know that PetsOnForm can help with. It can help by making people more conscious of their pet’s health and it will help to give pets a voice.”

He has been helped by his brother-in-law Rafa Coloma.

For details and to sign up, visit and it is hoped that every feature on the website will be available on the app by the summer.

There is also a Facebook page.