New contract for Northumberland boatbuilder

Port of Blyth
Port of Blyth

A Northumberland boatbuilder has landed a contract to build a new boat for a shellfish farm.

Alnmaritec, based in the Port of Blyth, is building the specially-designed boat for Offshore Shellfish. It will service the company’s rope-grown mussel farms, which lie up to six miles offshore in Lyme Bay, Devon.

It commissioned a 15.2m Wave Farmer 1400 design, which is based on the proven and highly successful Alnmaritec Wave Train catamaran hull form.

Offshore Shellfish director John Holmyard said: ““We needed a boat that could access our farming areas as quickly and fuel efficiently as possible, have excellent manoeuvrability and provide a stable platform for working from.

“We have worked with Alnmaritec before and were impressed with the build and performance of a previous vessel, so look forward to taking delivery of the Alysée, named after my granddaughter.”

The new boat will be built to exacting standards and comply with the UK MCA code of practice for small commercial vessels operating up to 60 miles from a safe haven.

It will be powered by twin Cummins QSC8.3 engines, with ZF 286 marine gearboxes, and will also be propelled by Hamilton HJ364 water jets with Blue Arrow controls, which will aid manoeuvrability, particularly at very slow speeds, which is of prime importance on a rope-grown mussel farm.

Simon Pullin, project manager at Alnmaritec, said: “The team at Offshore Shellfish have come to us because of our expertise in building tough boats. They are the experts in shellfish farming and within this niche sector they have specified a number of precise pieces of equipment to customise the boat further.

“This is an exciting new contract for us and we look forward to working on the boat and hearing how the project progresses.”

The new boat for Offshore Shellfish is currently in the fabrication stage. The hull was constructed upside down on the build bed and was released and turned in January 2015 and will be launched in early summer.