New business sets up shop in Rothbury

Michelle Williams, owner of Pots and Paws and her daughters Imogen, left and Gabriella.
Michelle Williams, owner of Pots and Paws and her daughters Imogen, left and Gabriella.

A mum-of-five has bucked the trend and set up a new shop in Rothbury.

Some traders have seen a drop in business after a landslip at Christmas closed one of the main entrances to the village.

But Michelle Williams’ Pots and Paws seems to have attracted the customers.

It has only been open for three weeks but the ceramic painting and bear-making business is doing well.

The idea came about after Michelle, 43, who lives in the village, had travelled to numerous different places to take part in similar activities with her children.

“Outdoors in Rothbury there is loads to do,” she said.

“But indoors there isn’t much for children.

“We have travelled miles for parties and you spend most of your day in the car.

“This shop became available and it was a little bit earlier than I wanted but we had to seize the opportunity.”

Taking over the former Keenwood Carpets building at the Old Motor Shop on Townfoot in June, it was a quick turn around to get the shop open in time for the school holidays.

Michelle added: “My children have enjoyed doing the same thing at other places and the bear-making is great as the nearest place to do it is the MetroCentre.

“We have been busy. We’ve had tourists in as well as locals and it has been really good so far.”

Children and adults can pick any ceramic to paint from plates to dolphins and pandas to mugs.

They can be painted in acrylic and taken away or painted in normal paint and put in a kiln to be glazed.

The shop also has a refreshments area for parents and a play area to occupy younger children.

Parties can also be held.

Michelle added: “There has been good community support here as well and we were careful not to stand on anyone’s toes.”

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