Livestock prices, week ending September 13


September 12

North East Livestock Sales sold 30 Prime Cattle and 3006 Sheep comprising 2386 Lambs and 620 Cast Ewes.

Cattle- Again in short supply, all classes well sold. More cattle required for next week!

Lim Hfrs- 250.5p, 227.5p Corneyside, 228.5p East Coldside. Charolais Hfrs- 224.5p, 217.5p Warton, 221.5p Corneyside. Lim Steers- 229.5p, 216.5p South Bellshill, 226.5p, 215.5p Burnhouses.

Top Prices: Lim Steers- 1492, 1400 South Bellshill, 1479 East Coldside, 1357 Burnhouses. Lim Hfrs- 1367, 1315 Corneyside, 1320, 1231 Eslington. Char Hfr- 1342 Corneyside.

Brit Blue Cow- 1064 (143.5p) Corneyside. Short Horn Cow- 1036 (143.5p) East Ditchburn. Lim Cow- 924 (135.5p) Corneyside.

Lambs- Quality fleshed and export types good to sell. Everything else in line with the national trend. Overall average 171p/kg. Texel- 96, 91, 88 Cornhills, 88.50, 83 South Bellshill, 85 West Lane End, 85 Edlingham Demesne, 85 (two), 84 Annstead, 84 South Carter Moor, 83 Grange House.

Suffolk- 90.50 Boulmer Hall, 88 Birchwood Hall, 87.50, 83 South Bellshill, 87 Park Farm, 86.50 East Coldside, 85.50 Lilburn Estates, 85 Longlea. Beltex- 87, 86.50, 84 Annstead, 84.50 Park Farm. Charolais- 84 East Trewick. Half Bred- 83 (two) East Ditchburn.

Leading Prices/Kg: Beltex- 205p, 204p Matfen Home Farms, 202p (two), 201p Annstead, 197p Stanton Townhead, 197p Park Farm, 196p High Learchild.

Charolais- 201p, 193p Linbrig. Texel- 200p Redsteads, 198p Edlingham Demesne, 198p, 191p Annstead, 198p, 194p, 193p, 190p Matfen Home Farms, 195p, 192p Newham Hall, 193p North End, 190p East Thirston.

Ewes- All classes easier to average £53. Texel- 87, 80 Corneyside, 73 Linden Hill Head, 73 East Newham, 71 Ingram, 71 Longshaws, 70 Reavley. Suffolk- 78 Corneyside, 70 Linden Hill Head, 70 Reavley.

Cheviot- 73, 63 East Ditchburn, 60 Reavley. Mule- 58 East Newham, 55 Howick Scar, 55 Hedley Wood, 53 Longlea, 53 Linden Hill Head, 53 Grange House. Blackface- 51 Monkridge Hill, 45 Wagtail, 41 Herds House.

border livestock

w/e September 13

Border Livestock Exchange to week ending Friday, September 13, sold 89 Prime Cattle; 2,041 Prime Lambs; 391 Cast Ewes; 1,911 Store and Breeding Sheep and 164 Store Cattle.

Prime Cattle were considerably dearer as numbers continue to tighten.

Best Aberdeen Angus Cross Steers and Heifers sold to 460p per kg. Continental Cross’s to 418p per kg (£2,049).

A batch of Organic Heifers from Newlands Farm, Belford sold to 540p per kg.

Limousin Young Bulls from Bowsden Moor, Berwick upon Tweed sold to 400p per kg.

Prime Lambs also showed signs of firming as peak numbers start to dwindle.

Top prices per kg were 400p to Lochside, Yetholm for Export Weight Texel Cross Lambs and £84 per head.

Store and Breeding sheep continue to sell well with a strong demand for long keeping type Store Lambs.

Friday’s Kelso Ram Sale in Ring 18 was topped by Messrs C D Scott, Falla, Jedburgh with a Texel Shearling selling to £1,250.

A very satisfactory trade was experienced for the balance of our consigners.