Livestock prices, week ending May 27


May 26

NORTH East Livestock Sales sold 97 cattle, including 25 cows, and 1,457 sheep comprising 430 lambs, 532 hoggs and 495 cast ewes.

Cattle 191.5p top, ave 167p. Lambs 129 (290p), 105 (248p). Hoggs 133 (223p), 99 (204p). Ewes 141, 99.

Cattle- Lim Strs- 191.5p Howick Scar 185.5p Causey Park 183.5p Chibburn. Lim Hfrs- 185.5p (two) 180.5p Blagdon Burn 181.5p Boulmer. Bel Hfr- 181.5p Kirkley Dam House. Lim Str- 1344 Howick Scar 1234 South Acton 1230 Chibburn. Lim Hfr- 1136 Dam House.

Cows- Limousin- 1082, 870 (155.5p 135.5p) Blagdon Burn. Friesian- 990 Morwick 896 Mill Farm. Angus x- 870 (135.5p) Rayheugh.

Lambs- Texel- 129 Stonecroft 122, 120 Gallow Moor 120 (two) Pasture View. Vendeen- 121.5, 121, 119 Gallowmoor. Suffolk- 121, 117.5p Gallowmoor 119 Pasture View 117 Nesbit. Beltex- 128 Nesbit 114 Woodwell. Charolais- 117 Southfield. Texel- 290p 286p (two) Pasture View 258p Stonecroft 254p Yetlington. Beltex- 272p Nesbit 259p 255p Woodwell. Suffolk x- 276p 263p Pasture View 252p Gallowmoor.

Hoggs- Cheviot- 133 High Fodderlee. Suffolk- 128.5p 125 122.5 South Farm 116 East Link Hall 115 Longlea. Texel-121 (two) 120 South Farm 120, 118 (two) Dyke Head 117 St Margarets. Charolais- 119.50, 119 South Farm. Texel- 223p St Margarets 222p Longlea 220p Pasture House. Cheviot- 216p Field House 215p Donkin Rigg, Crescent. BF- 217p 216p Birchwood. Suffolk- 214p 213p Broome House.

Cast Ewes- Fat a bit easier lean a bit dearer. Wensleydale Rams- 148 West End. Tex Rams- 145 East Link Hall 138 South Carter Moor 128 Paxton Dene. Tex Ewes- 141 Hoprigg 126 Stone Croft 122 Middleton 121 Cornhills. Charolais- 123 Houndalee 120 Paxton Dene. Suffolk- 131 Bygate 124.5p (two) Boulmer 124 Pasture House, Southfield 122 Gallow Hill 120 Hoprigg. HB- 118 Cornhills 117 Boulmer 116 South Moor. Mule- 119 Brinkheugh 113 Broome House 112 South Wingates. BF- 87 Gallowshill 83 South Wingates 78 Dyke Head 76 Longwitton. Swale- 81 Garden House.


w/e May 27

BORDER Livestock Exchange Ltd to week ending Friday, May 27, sold 146 Prime Cattle, 54 Cows and Bulls, 741 Prime Lambs including 211 Cast Ewes and 124 Store & Breeding Cattle.

Prime Cattle were topped by Bonjedward Mill, Jedburgh with Aberdeen Angus Bullocks selling to 330p per kilo to Well Hung and Tender, Berwick-upon-Tweed. 13 month old Young Bulls from Whitmuirhaugh, Kelso sold to 312p and £1,342 per head with the whole consignment averaging £1,186 per head. Aberdeen Angus Bullocks from Sandystones, Ancrum, Jedburgh and Eastfield of Lempitlaw, Kelso realised 325p per kilo and £1,192 per head. Continental crosses from Hallrule Farms, Bonchester Bridge, Hawick sold to 315p per kilo.

Quality Simm x Luing Young Bulls from Attonburn, Yetholm to 300p and £1,047 per head.

New Season Lambs continue to sell extremely well with best quality lambs from Eastfield of Lempitlaw and Whitehaugh, Hawick selling to 560p per kilo and £117.60. Continental x from Easington Grange and Cornhill Farm to 550p and £115.80.

Breeding Cattle with good health management policies sold readily with Aberdeen Angus x Cows with Lim and Simm x Calves selling to £1,500.