Livestock prices, week ending March 25


March 24

NORTH East Livestock Sales sold 96 cattle including 18 cows and 2737 sheep comprising 2194 hoggs and 543 cast ewes. All stock maintained last weeks high rates with good consignments from north and south UK.

Ewes. Overall average a huge £101.80.

Suffolk 155, 145 Keith, 150 Rashercap, 148, 132 Ashby, 144 Low Hall, Texel 145 Thrunton, 140 Chevington Moor, 140, 136 Blackhall, HB 145 Ashby, Char 132 Middle Cawledge Park, 130 Keith, 120 Grange Farm, Chev 120, 116 Ashby, Mules 126 Muir Hill, 125 East Newham, 110 Black Heddon, BF 79 Low Bleakhope, 77 Linhope, 75 Routin Lynn, Swale 64 Bleakhope, Suff rams 165 Thrunton, 150 Black Heddon, Leic rams 120 Camp Hill.

Hoggs. A mixed show of flesh averaged £95 with 815 over £100.

Vend 130, 115 North Lyham, 115 Hemscott Hill, Suff 120 Oakfield, Black Heddon, 119 Rashercap, 116.50 Donkin Rigg, HB x 119.50 Doxford, 114.50 East Coldside, 114 Berry Hill, Tex 119.50 Doxford, Newton of Greeness, 117.50, 116 Black Heddon, 112.50, 112 Dyke Head, Beltex 117.50 Howick Scar, 113 South Bog, Char 118 Auchentumb, 115 Oakfield, 112.50 Wooden, Mules 103.50 Hartlaw, 99 Howick Scar, Swale 97 Donkin Rigg.

Beltex 247p, 230p East Newham, 235p Newton of Greeness, 231p Bellion, 227p Trewhitt Steads, 226p Berry Hill, Tex 235p, 226p Angerton, 231p Cornhills, 228p Dyke Head, 226p Rugley, Char 242p East Coldside, 234 Newton, 227p, 226p Ardlin, Chev 226p Ferneybeds, Oakfield, 223p St Margarets, Suff 224p East Newham, Angerton, 223p Howick Scar, 222p Hemscott Hill.

Cattle. A decent show well sold.

Lim blks 184.5p, 174.5p Widdrington, 176.5p (two) Chevington Moor, 171.5p South Acton, Bel hfrs 184.5p, 172.5p Low Hall, 176.5p, 171.5p Boulmer Hall, Lim hfrs 178.5p, 174.5p, 172.5p Elyhaugh, 175.5p Norwoods, Char hfrs 175.5p Low Hall, Char bulls 177.5p, 175.5p Chevington Moor.

Cows. Lim 992, 817 (128.5p, 124.5p) Donkin Rigg, 980 (126.5p) Widdrington, Ang 937 Hazon, Sim 865 Bilton, 750 (128.5p) Ewesley, Old bull 1078 (119.5p) Howick Seahouses.


w/e March 25

BORDER Livestock Exchange Ltd, to week ending Friday, March 25, sold 141 prime cattle including 48 cows, 864 prime lambs, 286 ewes and 164 store cattle.

Cattle trade continues to firm as numbers tighten. Top price per kg was AA x Bullock from Bonjedward Mill, Jedburgh, selling to 304p per kg to Well Hung and Tender, Berwick upon Twee. Other AA x Bullocks sold to 302p per kg from Sandystones, St Boswells.

Organic cattle sold to 315p per kg (£1250) from Tullochallum Farm, Dufftown, for Home Bred Steers.

Cast Bulls sold to £1405 from Borewell Farm, Berwick upon Tweed, for a tremendous Aberdeen Angus Home Bred Bull.

Prime lambs sold to 485p per kg for organics from Tullochallum Farm, Dufftown. Export lambs sold to 460p per kg from roddam Estates, Wooler. Suffolk Crosses from Doddington Farm, Wooler, sold to 450p per kg. Lleyn Lambs from Sharpitlaw, Kelso, sold to £107 per head.

March 26

BORDER Livestock Exchange Ltd conducted their spring machinery sale at Kelso Racecourse on Saturday.

A large crowd ensured a fast-selling trade prevailed. More machinery could have been sold with many buyers going home empty-handed.

Prices: Twose Heavy Rollers £3850; International Case Tractor 856XL £5000; Marshall 6.5 tonne trailer £5000; Valtra Tractor £11000; Dragon 10 Tonne Grain Trailer £1000; McConnell Grass Topper £680; Modern Grass Cutter £820; Grass Topper £520; Bale Tailer £500; Bateman Calf Creep £400; Snacker £360; Two Portequip Lamb Hoppers x £350; Car Trailer £350; Parmeter Harrows £330; SGM Balemaster £300.