Livestock prices, week ending July 28


July 26

North East Livestock Sales Summer Show sold 68 cattle and 2,809 sheep comprising 2,312 lambs and 497 cast ewes.

Cattle – Judged by N Whitelaw, won by a Lim Hfr- 568k from P Elliott, The Meadows, bought by the judge.

Second Bel Hfr- 221.5p W&J Herbert, Woodwell – C Siswick. First Steer- 219.5p H Annett, Widdrington- R Green & Son Butchers. Second Steer- 211.5p W Ryle, South Acton- R Martin & Son Butchers.

Other Prices. Lim Str- 227.5p 212.5p Widdrington 209.5p Elyhaugh. Bel Hfr- 224.5p 211.5p Woodwell. Lim Hfr- 220.5p Burnhouses 219.5p The Meadows 216.5p Chibburn. Young Lim Bull- 1815 (958k x 189.5p) Widdrington. Lim Str- 1593, 1573 Proctor Steads. Angus Strs- 1494 Quarry House. Lim Hfrs- 1400 Burnhouses.

Lambs- Overall average £85.50 (197.5p). Show judged by Fred Scott, Wooler and sponsored by Thompsons of Prudhoe.

Champion – Light Beltex – 96 (40k)) F Mellor, Annstead – Bought by J Penny, Leeds. Second- T Sanderson, Bothal Barns - J Penny. First Heavy Beltex- 102 (48k) J Ions, Hemelspeth - A&J Traves. Second- F Mellor, Annsteads - J Penny. First Light Texel - 90 (43k) CW Gray, Low Hall – J Penny. Second- M Burn, Grange House- Scotbeef. First Heavy Texel- -98.50 C W Gray, Low Hall – R Turnbull, Alnwick. Second- G&S Grey, Craster – A&J Traves. First Continental- 100 (50k) G&S Grey, Craster – A&J Traves. Second- CW Gray, Low Hall – A Atkinson.

Other Prices. Texel- 108, 100 Craster, 103, 102 South Carter Moor 103 South Bellshill 101 Tosson Tower 100 Old Deanham. Beltex- 99.50 Biddlestone Home Farm 97, 96 Annstead. Suffolk- 100 (two) 98, 96 Craster, 99.50, 96.50 Blagdon Burn, 98 South Bellshill 97 Mirlaw House. Charolais- 99 N Rennington 98.50 Low Hall, 97 East Coldside, 96.50 High Trewhitt. HBx- 99, 96 Elilaw 96 S Acton 94.50 Dovecote. Beltex- 240p 214p 210p (three) Annstead 214p 210p Bothal Barns, 213p 210p Stanton 210p Hemelspeth, Widdrington. Texel- 213p S Acton 210p Whittingham Grange 210p 209p Low Hall 209p S Charlton 209p 208p Chevington Moor. Charolais- 209p (two) Boulmer, Preston Mains, 208p High Milbourne. Suffolk x- 206p 202p S Bellshill 210p Causey Park. B D Maine- 207p Alcan Farms.

Cast Cows. Lim- 1280 (147.5p) High Highlaws. Bel Blue 1122 (146.5p) High Highlaws. Angus- 1220 (135.5p) Colt Park. Simmental- 1006 (147.5p) Norwoods. Friesian- 1032 (139.5p) Hauxley. Cast Ewes- Similar trade- overall average £82.

Texel Rams- 165 South Carter Moor 144 Cornhills 142 Brinkburn. Texel Ewe- 115, 100 Edlingham Newtown 107 Hoprig 105 Old Town. Suffolk Ewes- 108 Hoprig 106 Gallowmoor 100 Well Hill. Beltex- 98 Chevington Moor 97 Yetlington. Charolais- 96 Brinkburn. HB- 112, 105 Nesbit. B D Maine- 98 Thistleyhaugh. Mules- 85 High Trewhitt, 81 Low Hall 77 West Hall.


July 25

At their weekly Primestock Sale John Swan Limited had forward and sold 1,614 lambs and 357 hoggs, young sheep and ewes.

Brighter weather conditions curtailed accurate numbers slightly, participating vendors receiving excellent returns leaving last year’s trade well behind to average 205p

Leading Prices Per Head:- Tex.x:- £104 Wrangham East, £97.50 Ladykirk, £94.50 (two) Great Ryle, £94 Ladykirk and Fenham Hill, £93 South Lyham, £92.50 The Hagg, £92 Clarabad Mill, £91.50 Great Ryle and number eight Mordington, £90 Crookham Dairy and Clarabad Mill. Suff.x:- £103 Branton Eastside, £100.50, £97 Great Ryle, £95 Shotton, £94.50 East Fleetham and Brandon, £93.50 South Bellshill, £90.50 Kinross, Bamburgh. Ven.x:- £92 (two) South Lyham. Bel.x:- £90 Clarabad Mill.

Leading Prices Per Kilo:- Bel.x:- 227p, 218.8p Henlaw, 210.5p High Learchild. Tex.x:- 220.3p Linbrig, 219.7p, 219.2p Village Farm, Seahouses, 217.1p Bewick Folly, 215.8p Marshall Meadows, 213.8p, 211.3p Black Heddon, 213.2p Linbrig and Henlaw, 212.8p Thornington, 212.5p Henlaw, 212.2p Marshall Meadows, 211.8p Henlaw, 211.3p Thornington and Crookham Dairy, 211p The Hagg. Suff.x:- 212.3p Old Cambus, 208.3p Milfield Demesne, 207.5p Branton Eastside, 206.3p Great Ryle, 205.8p Fenham Hill, 205.7p Kinross, Bamburgh, 204.9p Shipley Lane and Brandon, 204.7p Chesterhill, 202.6p High Learchild. Ven.x:- 203.5p South Lyham. Chev:- 202.7p Bewick Folly, 200p Humbleheugh. Char:- 210p Craighouse. Mule:- 200p Henlaw.

Hoggs and Young Sheep sold to:- Suff.x:- £105, £90 East Fleetham, £80 West Moneylaws. Tex.x:- £94 Berryhill, £83 Ladykirk.

Ewes forward in similar numbers, trade a bit more buzz to make returns slightly dearer on the week. Leading Prices:- Tex.x:- £118 Wrangham East, £115 Broadmeadows, £98, £94 Berryhill, £90 Marshall Meadows. Suff.x:- £99 West Longridge and Berryhill. Oxf:- £93 East Fleetham. Chev:- £90 Hillcrest Farming. Mule:- £85 South Lyham, £80 Howtel, Berryhill, Chesterhill, Ladykirk and West Longridge. Milk:- £85, £83 Baldersbury Hill. BF:- £74 Ladykirk.

Rams:- Suff:- £120 Thornington, £115 West Moneylaws.