Livestock prices, week ending January 13


January 12

NORTH East Livestock Sales sold 104 prime cattle including 34 cows, 2951 sheep comprising 2131 hoggs and 820 cast ewes.

Cattle- All classes well sold.

Char strs- 1559, 1461, 1414 North Rennington. Bel Strs- 1413, 1390 South Acton. Sim Strs- 1372 Chibburn 1361 Ferneybeds. Lim Hfrs- 1284 Boulmer 1249 High Highlaws. Lim Hfrs- 213.5p 209.5p High Highlaws 212.5p Blagdon Burn 210.5p Boulmer. Heavy Strs- 198.5p South Acton. Bulls- 198.5p Herds House.

Cows- Limousin- 1135 (155.5p) High Highlaws 1131, 1067 (142.5p 141.5p) Lemmington Hill Head 1092 (145.5p) Embleton Mill. Simx- Hemscott Hill. Ayr- 1027, 1005 (128.5p 122.5p) Morwick. Ayr Bull- 1268 (133.5p) Morwick.

Hoggs- Quality flesh a touch dearer. Commercial and plain a bit easier. Overall average £88.80.

Texel- 113 Edlingham Demesne 107, 106 Grange Moor 98 Juries House. Beltex- 104.50, 100 Park Farms 102, 100 Grange Moor 100 Colliery Farm. Suffolk- 106.50 Warton 105.50 Berryhill 104.50 Rashercap 102.50, 98.50 Park Farm. Charolais- 102.50 102 South Bradord 100.50 Blagdon Burn 99.50 Butterknowes 99 East Coldside. Cheviot - 99 Ferneybeds. HB- 98.50 White House. B d’M - 98 West Hepple. Beltex- 242p 229p Colliery Farm 233p Hillcrest 229p Tritlington. Texel- 232p MCP- 232p Fenham Hill 228p St Margarets 227p 223p Butterknowes. Charolais- 229p 223p Broome Hill 220p Woodwell, Stamford. Suffolk x- 221p Southside, Fenham Hill 219p Pasture House.

Cast Ewes- Fat a bit easier, lean and hill ewes dearer.

Texel- 131, 110 Juries House 131 Brinkburn New Houses 121, 110 Low Town. 118, 116 East Moor. Suffolk- 130, 113 Brinkburn 128 Thrunton 119 Blagdon Burn 117 Juries 116 Clifton 115 Bygate. Charolais- 113 Bygate 112 Wallish Walls 110 Benridge Mill. Mules- 96 West Edington 90, 86 Wallish Walls 87 Bygate 86 Watch Hill, Benridge. HB- 115, 108 South Acton. BF- 82 Thrunton 80 Benridge 79 Blagdon Burn 70 Bilton. Tex Rams- 124 East White Hill 120 Wallish Walls.


w/e January 13

BORDER Livestock Exchange Ltd to week ending Friday, January 13, sold 143 Prime Cattle including 45 Cast Cows and Bulls; 1,941 Prime Lambs and 104 Store Cattle.

Prime Cattle were slightly easier on the week with Home Bred Continental Heifers from Lochside Farm, Yetholm hitting top spot at 353p per kg (£1,320) Aberdeen Cross to 355p per kg from Bonjedward Mill to Well Hung and Tender, Berwick upon Tweed.

Continental Cross Steers from Stamford, Alnwick sold to 341p per kg and £1,288 per head. Cast Cows continue to buck the local trend and sell exceptionally well. A tremendous consignment of 21 from Hill Top East Farm, Darlington sold to £1,617 to average £1,126 and 281p per kg. Other Cow prices to £1,133 from Lochtower Farm, Yetholm and £1,233 East Mains.

Lamb trade also steady except Organics which have become very scarce and subsequently very good to sell. Tullochallum, Keith sold to 490p per kg and £102.90. Blackfaced Lambs to 450p per kg Prendwick, Alnwick.

Texel Crosses to 455p per kg Hollybush, Galashiels. Suffolk Crosses to 450p per kg and £94.50 from Redpath Farms, Duns. Romney Crosses to 455p per kg Humbleton, Wooler.


January 11

AT their weekly Primestock sale John Swan Limited had forward and sold 748 Hoggs and 190 Ewes.

Hoggs:- Overall Average 44.3kg at 191.1p – 39-42kg – 202p.

Trade in line with nationwide trend.

Leading Prices Per Head:- Suff.x:- £111 East Fleetham, £100 Newstead, £96 North Sharperton, £95 Mindrum, £94 Low Middleton. Tex.x:- £105 Lickar Moor, £97 Fowberry Moor, £96 Ladykirk, £94 West Longridge. Ven:- £91 South Lyham. Chev:- £86, £85 Newton Villa. Oxf:- £99.50 East Fleetham.

Leading Prices Per Kilo:- Tex.x:- 216.7p Low Middleton, 215.4p Roddam Estates, 213.6p West Longridge, 213.1p Ladykirk. Suff.x:- 215.8p Shipley, 204.4p Newton Villa. Chev:- 215.4p Humbleheugh, 205.4p Branton East Side.


Leading Prices:- Tex.x:- £139, £123 Wrangham East, £115 Newstead, £112 Black Heddon, £111 Shipley, £111 Shipley Smallburn. Suff.x:- £119 Gainslaw Hill, £119 East Fleetham, £111 Fowberry Moor, £110 North Sharperton, £109.50 Low Middleton. Mule:- £109 Gainslaw Hill, £95 Edrom Mains, £92 West Longridge. Zwa:- £125 Wrangham East. Chev:- £99 Humbleheugh. HB:- £106 Brandon. Char:- £117 Ladyflat.