Livestock prices, week ending February 4


February 3

North East Livestock Sales sold 92 cattle including 24 cast cows 2553 sheep comprising 1605 hoggs and 948 cast ewes.

Hoggs- A plainer show but quality and flesh maintaining recent good rates.

Texel- 97 Preston Mains 93.90 Corneyside 92.50 Hoprigg 90 Low Town 89, 87.50 Intake. Cheviot- 90 East Ditchburn 87.50 Newham Cottage. Charolais- 90, 88 Beal Bank, 88 Boulmer 87.50 East Coldside. Beltex- 87 Low Espley. HB- 86.50, 85 Newham Hall. Suffolk- 86.50 Berwick Hill 84 Glanton, Howick Scar. Beltex- 216p Glanton 212p watch Currock 210p Low Espley 205p 200p Colliery Farm 204p Pasture House 210p Oakdene. Texel- 209p Wauchope 205p Lemmington Hill Head, Beal Bank 210p Bellion 200p Thrunton, Hoprigg. Charolais- 199p South East 197p Newham Hagg 196p Linden Hill Head, Pasture House.

Cast Ewes- Another similar trade.

Texel- 117 Wauchope 109, 102 Newham Hall 106 Hoprigg 100 Hall Farm 98 Gallows Hill. Suffolk- 106, 100 Gallowshill 105 Hall Farm 100 Low Espley 98 (two) Southfield 97 Whittingham Grange 906 Sunniside. HB- Haugh Head 94 Plainfield. Cheviot- 94 East Ditchburn 84 Wauchope 80 The Lee. Leicester- 98 Low Espley. Chev/Mule- 90 Park Farm. Mule- 82, 79 Hall Farm 79 Whittingham Grange 78 Hoprigg 77 Southfield. BF- 74 Fairnley 67 West Hall 62 Blagdon Burn. Tex Rams- 112 Watling 108 Longlea. Chev Rams- 112 The Lee.

Cattle- Very similar trade on the week.

Lim Blks- 182.5p Embleton Mill 165.5p South Acton. Bel Blks- 166.5p Nesbit. Lim Hfrs- 175.5p 172.5p Chibburn 166.5p Blagdon Burn. Simx- Hfrs- 165.5p Southfield. Lim Blks- 1170 South Acton 1144, 1125 Embleton Mill.

Lim Bulls- 1100 Bilton. Lim Hfrs- 1028 East Coldside, 1020 Southfield.

Cows- Limousin- 977 (118.5p) Embleton Mill. Simmental- 875 (121.5p) Hazon 723 (125.5p) Eslington. Bel Blue- 863 (111.5p) Corneyside. Aged Lim Bull- 1073 (112.5p) Low Horton.


w/e February 4

BORDERALivestock Exchange Ltd to week ending February 4 sold 169 Prime Cattle including 42 Cast Cows and Bulls, 1349 Prime Lambs including 141 Cast Ewes, 67 Store Cattle and 1047 Breeding Ewes.

Cattle trade showed the 1st signs of improving with numbers starting to tighten.

AA x Bullocks and Heifers from Stagehall, Stow sold to 300p also from Whitmuirhaugh, Kelso. Cont x Bullocks and Heifers from Fenwick Steads, Belford sold to 295p per kg.

Home Bred quality Bullocks from Goswick Farm, Berwick upon Tweed realised 290p per kg.

In the Sheep section Prime Lambs sold to 440p per kg for Organics. Conventional Cont x Lambs from Eastfield of Lempitlaw, Kelso sold to 400p per kg also from Henlaw, Wooler. Export quality Lambs sold to 390p from Sweethope Farm, Kirkwhelpington.

Breeding Ewes sold exceptionally well for Scotch Mule Ewes in Lamb to Texel Rams. Gimmers to £145, 1 crop to £130, 2 crop to £115 and 3 crop to £110


February 2

AT their weekly Primestock Sale John Swan Limited had forward and sold 790 Hoggs and 214 Ewes and Rams.

Hogg numbers tighter but trade remained very similar, in spec types easily managed. Overall average 176.2p per kilo.(+ 0.9p on the week.)

Leading Prices Per Head: Suff.x;- £90 Greenhead.R, £88.50 Newstead, £84.80 Mindrum, £84.50 Titlington Mount, £82.50 Mindrum. Tex;- £89.50 Edlingham Newtown, £86 Newstead, £83 Yetlington Lane, £82.80 and £81.50 Burradon Mains, £81 Mindrum, £80 Black Heddon and West Longridge. Chev;- £78.50, £76, £75.80 Humbleheugh. BF;- £77.50 Edlingham Newtown, £73.20 Clennel. Mule;- £74.20 West Longridge, £73.50 Horseupcleugh, £73.20, £73 Fawdon Farms.

Leading Prices Per Kilo: Tex;- 193.4p Amerside Law, 188.2p Mindrum, 188p Amerside Law, 185.5p Old Cambus, 185.2p Mindrum, 184.5p Biddlestone Home Farm, 183.3p Amerside Law, 182.9p Black Heddon, 181.6p Yetlington Lane. Suff.x;- £186.7p Mindrum, 186.3p Biddlestone Home Farm, 184.2p Mindrum, 182.4p Old Cambus. Chev;- 185.4p, 184.9p Humbleheugh, 181.1p Fawdon Farms.

Ewes the plainest show in a number of weeks, all classes remaining very satisfactory. Overall average £66.10(-£1.34 on the week).

Leading Prices per Head:- Tex;- £92 Edlingham Newtown, £90 Black Heddon, £86 Greenhead.R, £85 Black Heddon. BFL;- £89.50 Edlingham Newtown. Suff.x;- £85 Brandon White House, £83 Reston Hill. Mule;- £78.50 Brandon White House and Greenhead.R, £75 Reston Hill. BF;- £70 Horseupcleugh. Swale;- £63 Fawdon Farms. Rams- Tex;- £95, £92.50 (two) Burradon Mains. BF;- £84.50 Edlingham Newtown.