Livestock prices, week ending December 29


December 21

NORTH East Livestock Sales holiday sale sold 870 sheep comprising 718 lambs and 152 cast ewes. A nice trade with all classes similar.

Suffolks 100 South Rennington, 99, 94 Craigs House, 95 Dovecote, Beltex 99.50, 97.50 Park Farm, 96 South Rennington, Texel 96.50 Howick Estates, 96 Boulmer Hall, 95.50 Beanley, Cheviot x 94, 93 Ferneybeds, Ch/Mule 96, 95.50 Park Farm, 94 East Link Hall.

Texel 230p, 217p Newham Hagg, 218p Stamford, 216p Howick Estate, Charolais 217p Bilton, 214p East Link Hall, 213p, 212p Thorneyford, Cheviot 212p Ferneybeds, 211p Castle Farm.


December 21

AT their weekly Primestock sale, John Swan Limited had forward and sold 526 lambs and 181 ewes.

Lamb numbers less due to holiday arrangements, vendors left with trade above expectations, more numbers needed for coming weeks.

Overall Average:- 46kg – 194.3p Lambs 39-42kg – 205.2p.

Leading Prices Per Head:- Tex.x:- £108.50, £107.50, £104.50 Lickar Moor, £101 Ladykirk, £98.50 Lickar Moor, £97.50 Roddam Estates, £97 Elsdonburn (2), £96 Kettleburn, £95 Elsdonburn (2), £94.50 Kettleburn and West Ord, £93.50 Alnham and Ladykirk. Suff.x:- £98.50 Roddam Estates, £97.50 West Moneylaws, £94.50 West Moneylaws, £94 Roddam Estates, £93.50 Fawdon Farms. Mule:- £94.50, £94 Elsdonburn, £92.50 Cold Martin.

Leading Prices Per Kilo:- Tex.x:- 217.5p Ladykirk, 216.7p Todrig, 214.5p Alnham, 212.8p Roddam Estates, 211.9p West Longridge, 208.5p (2), 208.1p Ladykirk, 207p (2) West Longridge, 206.8p Kettleburn, 206.4p Elsdonburn, 204.8p West Longridge. Suff.x:- 213.8p West Moneylaws, 207p Todrig, 204.4p Roddam Estates, 202.4p Brandon White House, 200p West Ord. Chev:- 205p Fawdon Farms. Mule:- 201.1p Elsdonburn.

Ewes, a plainer show, all classes showing a rise on the week.

Leading Prices:- Tex:- £129 Kinross (W Armstrong). HB:- £125, £113.50 Brandon. BFL:- £117 Fawdon Farms. Suff.x:- £113.50 Brandon, £112.50, £109.50 Thornington, £108 Brandon White House, £106 Grantsbanks. Mule:- £95.50 Chesterhill, £93 Grantsbanks, £91.50 Brandon White House, £91 Alnham, Greenhead, Reston and Thornington. BF:- £74 Alnham and Fawdon Farms.