Livestock prices, week ending December 2


November 24

NORTH East Livestock Sales sold 87 cattle including 32 cows 3865 sheep comprising 2734 lambs and 1131 cast ewes.

Cattle- Lim Hfrs 219.5p 211.5p 209.5p High Highlaws 200.5p Stamford. Bel Hfrs- 214.5p 207.5p 201.5p Blagdon Burn. Lim Strs- 228.5p 208.5p 201.5p Blagdon Burn. Lim Strs- 228.5p 208.5p 201.5p South Rennington. Lim Bulls- 208.5p 207.5p 206.5p Herds House. Lim Strs- 1453, 1435 South Rennington. Lim Hfrs- 1278, 1273 High Highlaws.

Cows- A touch easier

Limousin- 1216, 1208, 1103, 1097 (141.5p 139.5p 130.5p 130p) Widdrington, 1081 (136.5p) Embleton Mill. Simmental- 1062 Proctor Steads. Angus- 930 (133.5p) Park Farm 900 (133.5p) Gt Ryle.

Lambs- Heavies dearer. Lights similar. Best averages 94+.

Texel- 113, 111, 110 Craster 108.50, 106 Low Hall 102.50 (two) Warton. Suffolk- 107 Craster 105.50 Park Farm 103.50 White House 101.50 (two) South Bellshill. Charolais- 110 Sunniside 105 Elilaw 103.50 Harnham Hall 101.50 Ulgham. Beltex-103.50 Park Farm 103 Low Hall 100.50 Paxton Dene. Mule- 99.50, 91.50 Warksfield Head 88 Blagdon Burn 87.50 Harnham Hall. BF- 88 Warksfield Head. Beltex- 222p Birchwood 220p Oakdene 216p Crescent Farm 215p Matfen Home Farm. Texels- 215p 213p South Farm 215p 213p South Carter Moor 214p Grange Farm 213p (two) Wingates Moor 211p Tritlington. Charolais- 213p Low Hall 212p Houndalee, Bilton. Suff x- 211p 210p Fenham Hill 204p 203p Bankfoot 202p (two) Sunniside.

Ewes- Texel Rams- 120 Whitehouse Folly, Newton Red House 119 Gainslaw Hill. Texels- 124 Gainslaw Hill 120 Thrunton 116 Start Up 110 Newton Red House, West Edington. Beltex- 116 Bygate 112 South Acton 108 West Hills 107 Make Me Rich. Suffolk- 118 Chester Hill 112, 108 Gallow Moor 108 West Edington 106 Brinkburn 103 Stamford. HB- 115 White House 109, 100 South Acton 106, 103 Thrunton 106 Newham Hall. Charolais- 109, 102 Harnham Hall 106 Rugley 101 Paxton Dene, South Carter Moor. Mules- 97 Middleton 94 Make Me Rich 93 Angerton Broome 92 Bygate, Edington. BF- 84 Harnham Hall 80 Warksfield Head 73 Garret Lea 72 Birchwood Hall. Cheviot x- 104 Preston Mains 103 Broom House.


November 23

AT their weekly Primestock sale John Swan Limited had forward and sold 1113 Lambs and 275 Ewes.

Lambs not quite as plentiful but demand remained very firm, more lambs could easily be handled, overall average 199.2p for 43.2 kg. 440 Lambs 39-42kgs averaged 209.6p. SQQ 208.81p

Leading Prices Per Head:- Tex.x:- £96.50 Elsdonburn and Lorbottle, £95.50 Elsdonburn, £93.50 South Ditchburn and Elsdonburn, £92.50 Berryhill and South Ditchburn, £92 Village Farm, Seahouses and Berryhill, £91.50 Berryhill, £91 Greenhead, Reston. Suff.x:- £95.50 East Haugh Farm, £91.50 Kettleburn and Chesterhill, £91 Berryhill, £90.50 Castlelaw and Chesterhill. Bel:- £92 The Loan. Mule:- £90.50 Elsdonburn, £89.50 Linbrig. Char:- £88 Lorbottle. Chev:- £87 Greystonnes, Warenford North.

Leading Prices Per Kilo:- Tex.:- 224.3p, 217.6p Cockhall, 215.8p Lorbottle, 215.5p West Longridge, 215.1p South Ditchburn, 215p Mindrum Farming Co, 214.6p Ladykirk, 214.5p Greystonnes, Warenford North, 214.1p Chillingham Newtown, 212.8p Cockhall and Ladyflat, 212.5p South Ditchburn. Chev:- 216.3p South Charlton, 212.2p Greystonnes, Warenford North. Char:- 216.2p Cockhall, 213.2p Ladyflat. Suff.x:- 211.9p Mindrum Farming Co, 211.3p Cockhall Mule:- 201.4p Howtel.

Ewes moving in the right direction, all classes dearer.

Leading Prices:- Tex.x:- £115 Kinross, Bamburgh, £113 Greenhead, Reston, £102.50 Pallinsburn, £93 Lorbottle. Leic:- £99 East Haugh Farm. Suff.x:- £98 Lorbottle, £97 Shotton, £94.50 Titlington Mount. Chev:- £92 Kettleburn. Mule:- £90 Chesterhill. BF:- £70 Titlington Mount. Chev Ram:- £106 Fairlaw. Char:- £100 Fairlaw. Tex:- £97 Hillcrest Livestock.