Livestock prices, week ending December 16


December 15

NORTH East Livestock sold 46 prime Cattle including 3839 sheep comprising 3042 lambs and 797 ewes.

Lambs- A nice trade throughout a touch easier but averaging £89.80 (198p) with 332 breaching the £100 barrier.

Suffolk-110 Whitehouse 106.50 (two) Low Hall 106.50 102.50 Craigs House 105 Berryhill 104, 103.50, 100 South Rennington. Texel- 111.50 (two) South Rennington 103.50 Thrunton 102.50 Fenham Hill. Beltex- 106, 102.50 Loan End 105.50 104.50 103 Matfen Home Farm. Cheviot- 104.50 102.50 East Ditchburn 102 Loan End 100 Warton. Charolais- 102.50 Matfen 100.50 (two) East Coldside 100 Low Hall, Make me Rich. Texel- 235p Reston 223p Eslington Hill, Wingates Moor, East Thirston, South Acton. Beltex- 22p Tritlington, High Learchild, Park Farm. Loan End. Charolais- 232p 227p 226p Mickley Moor 219p Whitehouse Folly 216p Corneyside. Suffolk x -215p Bank Top, Causey Burn, Duddo Hill.

Cast Ewes- Tex Rams- 122 West Hills 120 Buskin118 Donkin Rigg. Tex Ewes- 134 Rugley 119 Wingates Wholme 117 Buskin, Make Me Rich. Suffolk- 126 Rugley 121 Berry Hill, Fenham Hill 114 Sunniside. Mule- 100 Howick Estate, 98 Sunniside 95 Shawbraes 92 Make Me Rich, Stamford. HB- 118, 102 White House 112 East Coldside. Charolais- 111 Donkin Rigg. BF- 84 West Raw 80 Rayheugh 72 Boulmer 70 West End. Cheviots- 101 East Ditchburn.

Cattle- Fewer about and easier.

Lim Bulls- 198.5p (two) Herds House 195.5p 192.5p Elyhaugh. Lim Blks- 192.5p South Farm 191.5p Causey Park. Lim Hfrs- 193.5p Nesbit. Char Cows- 1324 (139.5p) Thrunton. Lim Cows- 1142 (165.5p) Howick Seahouses 1016, 1015 (167.5p 152.5p) Herds House. Bel Cows- 1065, 1013 (148.5p 147.5p) Annstead. Charolais Bull- 1555 (177.5p) Thrunton.

Stores- A small show of Cattle and lambs forward well sold.

Blond Calves- 675 West Stobswood. Char Hfr Calves- 705 West Stobswood. Lim Bull Calves- 565 West Lorbottle. Lim Hfr Calves- 640, 608 West Stobswood. Suff Lambs- 80 Craster. Llyn x- 70 Bockenfield. Mules- 70, 69 Crater 65 Chevington.


December 14

AT their weekly Primestock sale John Swan Limited had forward and sold 849 Lamb and 377 Ewes.

Lambs less numbers, trade in keeping with countrywide levels, all classes easier.

Overall Average 199.2p - 39-42kg - 208.5p - SQQ 204.33p.

Leasing Prices Per Head:- Suff.x:- £112 Lickar Moor, £108 Great Ryle, £108 South Lyham, £105 Great Ryle, £103.50 West Moneylaws, £102 Mindrum Farming Co, £101.50 Lickar Moor. Tex.x:- £111.50 Great Ryle, £108.50 Kimmerston and Prenderguest, £107 Great Ryle. Char:- £111 Lorbottle, £102 Cornhill.

Leading Prices Per Kilo:- Tex.x:- 216.7p Todrig, 215.9p Shipley Smallburn, 214.5p Brackenside, 213.4p Ladykirk, 212.5p South Charlton and Mindrum Farming Co, 212.4p Ladykirk, 212.2p Black Heddon, 211.9p Branxton Moor, 211.6p Mindrum Farming Co, 211.4p Hillcrest Livestock, 210.7p Pallinsburn, 210.5p Inland Pasture, 210.3p Biddlestone Home Farm. Suff.x:- 213.1p Mindrum Farming Co, 211.3p Mindrum Farming Co, 210p Biddlestone Home Farm, 209.5p Branxton Moor, 207.5p Brackenside. Ven:- 209.8p North Lyham. Chev.x:- 205.7p Great Ryle, 202.3p North Lyham.

Ewes a great heavy show, demand very keen, dearer.

Leading Prices:- Suff.x:- £130 Cornhill, £124.50 Branxton Moor, £124 Cornhill, £119 Lickar Moor, Brandon White House, Great Ryle and Thornington, £118 Berryhill, £114 Branxton Moor, £113.50 Thornington, £113 Thornington and Marigold. Tex.x:- £125, £122, £119, £116, £113.50 Black Heddon, £112 Berryhill, £110 Black Heddon, £108 Berryhill, £104 The Hagg. HB:- £99.50 Marigold. Mule:- £93 Branxton Moor, Thornington and Graden, £92 Berryhill, £91 Thornington and Marigold. BF:- £69.50 Titlington Mount, £68 Great Ryle. Char Rams:- £136 Cornhill. Tex.x:- £120 Village Farm, Seahouses.


December 16

Border Livestock Exchange Ltd to week ending Friday, December 16, sold 186 Prime Cattle including 78 Cast Cows and Bulls. 2,097 Prime Lambs and 129 Ewes, 64 Store Cattle and 610 Store Lambs.

Prime Cattle were a similar trade to the pervious week with Charolais Cross Heifers from New Smailholm, Kelso selling to 352p per kg. Aberdeen Angus Heifers sold to 355p per kg £1,339 from Morham Bank, Haddington and 351p per kg from West Kyloe, Beal. Home Bred Heifers from Howden Farm, Jedburgh sold to 350p per kg ‘R’ grades and £1,103 per head. Young Bulls from West Meikle, Dunbar sold to £1,467 per head. Continental Cross Heifers from Fenwick Steads and Goswick Farm Beal sold to 340p per kg. Cast Cows sold well with Aberdeen Angus Crosses to £1,375 Stagehall, Stow.

Lambs were again good to sell with Export weights selling to 470p per kg Belstruther, Grantshouse; Roddam Estate, Wooler and Cliftoncote, Yetholm. Heavy Lambs sold to £120 per head Broadmeadows, Berwick upon Tweed.

Store Cattle prices again dearer Aberdeen Angus Cross Bullocks 16/18 months old to £1,050 Castlehills Farm, Berwick upon Tweed. Charolais Cross Heifers to £975. Store Lambs Texel Crosses to £78.50, Suffolk Crosses to £75 and Primera Cross Highlander also to £75.