Livestock prices, week ending August 10


August 9

North East Livestock Sales sold 67 cattle and 26 cows, 2261 sheep comprising 1653 lambs and 608 cast ewes.

Lambs- With less numbers everywhere supply and demand realised an upturn in trade to an overall average of 198p, SQQ 204p.

Beltex- 98, 92.50 Howick Scar 96.50 Glanton 95 (two) 93 Bygate. Texel- 97, 96 South Carter Moor 96 (two) Mirlaw House 95 South Bellshill. Suffolk- 96.50 93.50 Warton 96, 95.50 Mirlaw House 94, 93 Rugley 93.50 Elilaw. Charolais- 94, 93 Low Hall 93.50 Milbourne Town 93 Harnham Hall. Beltex- 223p Crescent 224p 220p 218p Stanton 221p Herds House 220p 219p Glanton. Texel- 221p Wooden 217p Old Deanham 217p 213p Low Espley. Charolais- 216p Low Hall 215p Hemelspeth 213p Shaw House. HBx- 213p (2) Newham Hall. B D’Maine- 213p Alcan. Suffolk- 212p Glanton 210p East Link Hall, Felton Demesne 208p Mirlaw House.

Cattle- Nicely sold again.Lim Hfrs- 217.5p 211.5p South Bellshill. Lim Strs- 211.5p Chibburn 209.5p South Acton. Sim Strs- 1444 Ferneybeds. Lim Hfrs- 1410 South Bellshill.

Cows- Overall average of 146p.Simmental- 1430, 1229, 1222 (157.5p 152.5p 146.5p) Alcan. Blondes- 1135, 1118, 1116 (175.5p 173.5p 157.5p) East Moor. Limousin- 1179 (155.5p) Edlingham Newtown 1153 (147.5p) Embleton Mill. Angus- 1106 (149.5p) Newham.

Cast Ewes- Similar with hill and lean ewes good to sell. Suffolk- 114 Nesbit 98 Yetlington, Brockholes 95 Rugley. Texel- 101 Low Hall 97 South East 94 High Trewhitt. HB- 110, 92 Nesbit 93 Plainfield 90 Brockholes. Charolais- 94 Weetslade 92 Harnham Hall. Mules- 80 Lowsteads 77 Weldon 75 South East.

August 13

North East Livestock Sales sale of store cattle had a small but quality show forward. Angus Blk Calves 1200, 900 Hauxley, Limousin Hfr Calves 870, 840, 790 Elyhaugh, Limousin Hfrs 1040, 940 Fenham Hill, Simmental Hfrs 940, 890 Fenham Hill, Saler Hfrs 910, 900 Fenham Hill, Angus Cows & Calves 1360, 1200 Birchwood.


w/e August 3

Border Livestock Exchange, to week ending August 3, sold 119 prime cattle including 37 cows, 1,842 prime lambs, 206 ewes and 61 store and breeding cattle.

Prime cattle were short of requirements with stabiliser cross home bred steers from easington Grange, Belford, selling to £1,450. Butcher weight heifers from Fenwick Steads, Belford, sold to 365p per kg. Cast cows remain a very good trade with Aberdeen Angus crosses from East Learmouth, Cornhill on Tweed, selling to £1,446 per head. Hostein heifers from North Doddington, Wooler, to 320p per kg (£1,226).

Lambs were slightly down on the week with organic lambs selling to 450p per kg from Shieldykes, Felton, and Middle Moor, Alnwick, also to £94.50 per head. Export weights sold to £88 from Lilburn Estates, Wooler, West Ord, Berwick, Redpath Farm, Duns, and Lamberton, Berwick. Meatline crosses to 410p per kg Cliftoncote, Yetholm, and Eastfield of Lempitlaw, Kelso. Store cattle sold extremely well with 18 month Charolais cross heifers selling to £1,000. Yearline Limousin crosses to £810. Cows and calves to £1,850 for Hereford cross six-year-olds with spring-born shorthorn calves at foot.


August 8

At their weekly Primestock Sale John Swan Limited had forward and sold 1,702 lambs and 478 young sheep and ewes. Brighter weather conditions curbed numbers nationwide, with all major outlets operating selling vendors received returns well in advance of early week markets.

Leading Prices Per Head:- Tex.x:- £93 Wandon and Holy Island, £91 Henlaw, £89.50p Shotton and Holy Island, £88.50p South Bellshill, Fenham Hill and Whittingham Lane, £88 Henlaw and South Charlton, £87.50p Kettleburn and Holy Island, £87 Wandon, £86.50p Great Ryle and Bewick Folly, £86 Edlingham Newtown. Suff.x:- £89.50p Brandon, £89 Shotton, £87 South Lyham, £86.50p, £84.50p Brockley Hall, £85.50p Branton Eastside, £85 Thornington, £84.50p Great Ryle. Ven:- £89.50p South Lyham, £88.50p North Lyham. Mule:- £89 Henlaw. Bel.x:- £87.50p (2), £84.50p Ladykirk, £84 Crammond Hill. Char:- £85 Lorbottle, £84.50p Wandon.

Leading Prices Per Kilo:- Bel.x:- 221.1p, 218.4p Crammond Hill, 212.2p, 208.3p Ladykirk, 207.7p Crammond Hill, 206.1p Ladykirk. Tex:- 218.4p Black Heddon, 210.3p Bewick Folly, 209.8p Springhill, Seahouses, 209p Henlaw, 208.6p Wormerlaw, 207.5p Mid Edrom, 206.1p Henlaw, 204.8p Edlingham Newtown, 203.7p Mindrum Farming Co, 203.6p Wandon and Springhill, Berwick Upon Tweed, 202.4p Henlaw, 201.3, 200p Great Ryle, 201.2p West Longridge and Low Middleton. Suff.x: - 197.6p Mindrum Farming Co and Great Ryle. Larger numbers of ewes, more hill types on offer but trade steadier on the week.

Leading Prices:- Suff.x:- £94 Lorbottle and Lickar Moor, £92 Edrom Mains, £90.50p Bewick Folly, £86.50p West Longridge. Tex.x:- £90 Chillingham Newtown, £84 South Fallaknowe. C.M:- £84.50p Reavley. BFL:- £84 Alwinton. Bel:- £78.50p Hillcrest Farming Co. Mule:- £69 Branton Eastside, £67 South Charlton, £66.50p West Longridge. BF:- £65 Edlingham Newtown, £64.50p Clennel. Rams:- BF:- £84 Clennel.