Livestock prices, w/e September 30


September 26

NORTH East Livestock Sales sold 91 store cattle. All classes reaching recent high rates.

Lim strs 1035, 915 East Highridge, Angus strs 950, 910, 900 Newham, 845 Castle Farm, Sim strs 930, 900 Birchwood Hall, 815 Castle Farm, Bel hfrs 910, 890, 820 East Dalton, Lim hfrs 865, 850, 815 East Dalton, Lim b calves 910, 900, 810 East Highridge, Sim b calves 740 Routin Lynn, Sim hfr calves 600 Routin Lynn.

September 29

NORTH East Livestock Sales sold 60 prime cattle and 3625 sheep comprising 2614 lambs and 1011 cast ewes. Quality and flesh again to the fore, leaner plainer types harder to cash in line with trend.

Lambs. Texel- 84, 83.50 South Bellshill 82 Pasture House 79 Matfen Home Farm, Wooden. Beltex- 80 East Ditchburn (2), Pasture House, Glanton79 (2) Annstead. Charolais- 80 Sunniside, Stonecroft 79.50 Howick Scar 79 East Coldside. Ch/Mule- 79.50 South Charlton. HBx- 79 Warton, Plainfield. Sx- 80, 79 (2) South Bellshill 80 Craigs House 79 Bilton. Beltex- 196p 195p Hemelspeth 194p (2) 193p Annstead 194p 189p Stanton 192p Herds House. Texel- 189p (2) 187p Wooden 189p Glanton 188p Cramond Hill. Charolais- 186p (2) St Margarets 184p 180p Oakdene 183p Low Espley 181p Bankfoot. Suffolk- 181p 178p Brinkburn Hope 180p Thorneyford.

Cast Ewes. Strong ewes similar, leaner lighter sorts a touch dearer. Overall average £76. Mules- 84

Wingates Moor 83 Milbourne Town, Bolam West, 81 Crookdene, Linden Hill Head. BF- 73, 70 Black

Callerton 70 West Hall 66 Houndalee. . Texel- 108, 100 (2) Preston Mains 106 Low Espley 96 Herds

House 92 Wingates Moor, Linden Hill Head. SX- 95 MCP 94 New Houses 92 Yetlington, Oakdene.

Charolais- 94 Milbourne 93 (2) Bilton 90 Cornhills, Low House. HB - 94 Plainfield 90 Stonecroft.

Beltex- 94, 90 Oakdene 92 Stanton 89 Herds House. Leic- Low Espley. B’D’Maine- 94 Oakdene. Texel

Rams- 100 Blagdon Burn.

Cattle. Short of buyers requirements.

Lim Hfrs- 212.5p 206.5p 201.5p Bilton 200p East Coldside. Char Hfrs- 210.5p 208.5p Southfield 207.5p Proctor Steads. Sim Strs- 197.5p Eslington. Lim Bulls- 194.5p Elyhaugh. Sim Strs- 1505 Eslington.

Char Hfrs- 1382 Proctor Steads. Lim Bulls 1270 Elyhaugh.


w/e September 30

BORDER Livestock Exchange Ltd to week ending Friday, September 30, sold 92 Prime Cattle including 42 Cast Cows; 2,592 Prime Lambs; 521 Cast Ewes; 240 Breeding Ewes; 780 Store Lambs and 94 Store Cattle.

Aberdeen Angus x Heifers from Bonjedward Mill, Jedburgh sold to a record 360p per kilo to Well Hung & Tender, Berwick-upon-Tweed. Continental x Heifers from Cairndinnis, Haddington sold to 347p and £1,283 per head. Limousin Young Bulls from Bowsden Moor, Berwick-upon-Tweed sold to 332p and £1,437 per head to Linden Foods, Newcastle.

Prime Lambs were a similar trade with Organic Lambs from Tullochallum, Keith selling to 400p per kilo and £84 per head. Export Weights sold to 390p per kilo Prendwick, Alnwick and Whittingham Grange, Alnwick. Texel x Lambs to £80.85 Low Trewhitt, Thropton and Sharplaw, Hownam. Cheviot x Lambs from Mowhaugh, Yetholm; Cliftoncote, Yetholm and South Riccalton, Jedburgh all to 380p per kilo and £79.80 per head.

Store and Breeding Stock was again easy to sell with Lambs firming slightly particularly long keeping sorts. Mule Gimmers sold to £150. Meatlinc Ewe Lambs to £90. Mule Gimmering Ewe Lambs to £85.