Livestock prices, w/e September 2


September 1

NORTH East Livestock sold 54 prime cattle including 3126 sheep comprising 2328 lambs and 798 cast ewes.

Cattle- Smaller plainer show forward, all well sold.

Lim Strs- 212.5p Ferneybeds 195.5p (two) South Bellshill. Lim Hfr- 208.5p Burnhouses 203.5p Watch Hill 200p Eslington. Lim Bulls 201.5p 198.5p Elyhaugh. Sim Str- 1380 Burnhouses 1313 Ferneybeds. Holst Str- 1311 Watch Hill. Lim Hfr- 1349, 1210 Eslington 1245 Watch Hill. Lim Bulls- 1386, 1302 Elyhaugh.

Cows- Limousin 1210 (147.5p) Hazon. Angus- 1197 (147.5p) Stamford 1170 (158.5p) Yetlington. Simmental- 1042 (140.5p) Hazon 1017 (161.5p) Southside. Aged Bulls- 1627, 1494 (146.4p 136.5p) Framhill.

Lambs- Quality and flesh sharper others similar.

Texel- 96, 90, 89.50, 88 (two) South Carter Moor, 91, 88, 86 Ferneybeds 87 South Bellshill 85.50, 82 (two) Corneyside. Beltex- 84, 81 East Ditchburn 83, 82 South Acton 83 Newtown. Suffolk- 88 Newtown 84, 83 South Bellshill, 83.50 North Trewick 82.50 Longlea, Warton, Sharperton Edge, South East. Charolais- 84, 83, 82 Sunniside 83 Boulmer. Cheviot x- 87 Ferneybeds 83, 81 East Ditchburn. Ch/Mules- 85.50, 84.50 South Charlton. Texel- 193p Causey Park 191p East Newham 190p Boulmer, Bellion. Beltex- 192p (2) Hemelspeth, Herds House, Colliery Farm 191p Stanton. Charolais- 189p Oakdene, Ewesley 188p Bolton South Carter Moor. Suffolk-x- 186p Broome Park, West Hills.

Cast ewes- Recent high rates were easily maintained

Texel rams- 120 Buckshaw. Tex ewes- 120, 109, 105 High Trewhitt, 111 Rugley 103 Tweedmouth 102 Bellion, Wingates Moor. HB- 101 (two) 100 Craster. Suffolk- 109 Boulmer 106 Ewesley, Ryehill 105 High Trewhitt 104, 101 Rugley 104 Herds House. Mules- 98, 92 Ryehill 86 West Shaftoe, Wingates Moor 84 Craster. Beltex- 101, 100 Herds House 100 Ewesley. BF- 72 Low Town 69 Craster 66 Herds House.


w/e September 2

BORDER Livestock Exchange Ltd to week ending Friday, September 2, sold 115 Prime Cattle including 28 Cows and Cull Bulls; 31 Cows with Calves; 3,215 Prime Lambs, 1,750 Store Lambs including 280 Ewe Lambs; 215 Gimmers and 247 Store Cattle.

Prime Cattle maintained their strong trade, with keen demand from all areas. Aberdeen Angus Steers to 344p per kilo from Bonjedward Mill, Jedburgh to Well Hung and Tender, Berwick-upon-Tweed. Scottish Steers from Cairndinnis, Haddington sold to 338p per kg. Heifers from the same farm sold to 335p per kilo. Young Bulls to 320p and £1,148 Henlaw, Wooler. Top quality Continental Cross Cows from Skelton Estates, Redcar sold to a remarkable 310p per kg and £1,117 per head. A Mature Angus Bull from Lochtower, Yetholm sold to £1,265. Dairy cows from Kelloe Mains, Duns sold to 250p per kilo.

Large volumes of lambs continue to be marketed. Suffolk Cross lambs sold to 395p and £83.10 Cherrytrees, Yetholm; 390p and £81.90 Langraw, Hawick; Sharplaw, Kelso and Hollybush, Galashiels.

Remarkable numbers of store lambs continue to be sold to £62 for 34kg (Texel X Mules). Mule ewe lambs met strong demand selling to £113.

Adult breeding Sheep sold in good numbers with 215 Mule Gimmers selling to £165 and Lleyns to the same price.

A smart batch of 31 second calving Limousin X Cows with April born calves at foot sold for £1,630. Store cattle met eager demand with Scottish Limousins selling to £930 for 470kg.