Livestock prices, w/e May 6


May 5

NORTH East Livestock Sales sold 86 cattle including 21 cows 1991 sheep comprising 1332 hoggs 29 lambs and 659 cast ewes. A good show of stock with everything in strong demand.

Lambs- Texel- 130 Yetlington 126 West Hall. Suffolk- 128 Yetlington 126 South Lyham. Texel- 305p 302p Yetlington 293p West Hall. Suffolk- 293p West Hall.

Hoggs- Beltex- 137 (two) 134 Annstead 123, 122 MCP 122 Glanton. Texel- 124 (two) 122 Wooden (100 average £120) 124 St Margarets 124, 123, 122 Corneyside 123.5p Low Burradon. Suffolk- 128, 126, 124.5 (two) Wooden 124.5 Oakfield 124 Meadows. Charolais- 124 Oakfield 122.5 Auchentumb. HB- 124 Nesbit 123 East Coldside. Mule- 111 Earsdon East 109 Donkin Rigg. BF- 104.5, 100 Birchwood 104 Earsdon 102 Donkin Rigg. Texel- 261p 256p (2) Waterside 259p St Margarets 256p Wooden 251p Corneyside. Beltex- 255p Birchwood 253p Waterside 250p (two) Glanton. Charolais- 254p Tritlington 249p Low Burradon, High Milbourne. HBx- 261p Causey Park 249p Earsdon. Cheviots- 255p Donkin Rigg 245p Birchwood. Suffolk- 247p Auchtentumb 245p Wooden 243p MCP.

Ewes- Beltex Rams- 152 Annstead 146 Ewesley. Tex Rams- 150 Craster. Suffolk Rams- 144 (two) Linden Hill Head. Tex Ewes-154 Annstead 142 Chevington Moor 140 South Lyham 135 Craster 132 Corneyside. Suffolk- 150 Nesbit 144 East Coldside 140 Chevington Moor 135 South Lyham 132 Linden Hill Head. HB- 140 Nesbit 139, 132 Glanton 130 Glebe, White House. Charolais- 130 South Lyham, Linden Hill Head, Donkin Rigg. Cheviots- 137, 118 East Ditchburn. Mules- 130 Annstead 118, 114 Glebe 115 South Lyham, Newtown 114 Crookdene, High House Milbourne. BF- 88 Newtown 85 Glebe 81 Wagtail. Swale- 82 Flexigraze 72 Ewesley.

Cattle- Lim Blks- 1307, 1210 Blagdon Burn 1202 Chibburn. Blonde Blks- 1291 Howick Scar. Sim Bull- 1125 Chevington Moor. Angus Hfrs- 1067 Warton.

Cows- Very dear – Blonde 1207 (150.5p) Howick Scar. Simmental 1030 (148.5p) The Lee (129.5p) Howick Scar. Limousin 1000, 888 (146.5p 136.5p) Abberwick. Angus- 875, 862 (135.5p 132.5p) Abberwick 846 Whittle.


May 6

BORDER Livestock Exchange Ltd to week ending Friday, May 6, sold 172 Prime Cattle including 61 Cows, 349 Prime Sheep including 103 New Season Lambs, 108 Cast Ewes and 246 Store Cattle.

With the exceptional weather New Season Lambs are finishing quicker. Buyers are eager to secure lambs and a company record of 600p per kilo was secured for Messrs Freeland-Cook, Cliftoncote, Yetholm who’s consignment averaged £121 per head.

Cattle trade continues to edge upwards with records breaking for cull cows. Belgian Blue Cows from Bowsden Moor, Berwick sold to 280p and £1,226 and £1,131. Hill Cows sold to £942 for Blue Greys and Galloway Crosses. Cast Bulls again sold at extreme levels with Mature Galloway Bulls from Hedgeley Farms, Powburn selling to £1,127 per head, mature bullocks to £1,142 Middle Cawledge, Alnwick. Young bulls to £1,266 Deanfoot, Denholm.

Organic AA heifers from Pallinsburn, Cornhill selling to 350p and £1,163 per head; and from Tullochallum Farm, Dufftown to 350p for 24 which averaged £1,285 per head. AAX Bullocks from Bonjedward Mill, Jedburgh selling to 320p per kg to Well Hung and Tender, Berwick upon Tweed. Continental Cross steers to 315p and £1,207 Newhouses Farm, Hallington. Continental Cross heifers from Holydean, Melrose to 315p also from Hallrule Farms, Bonchester Bridge to 310p per kg averaging £1,082. Limousin Cross Heifers to 310p per kg Fawside, Gordon.

Tremendous numbers of Store Cattle are being sold at prices just about exceeding last spring’s extreme levels. Limousin Cross Bullocks to £1,000. Simmental £950 and 10 month old Belgian Blue Bullocks and Heifers to £845.