Livestock prices, w/e March 18

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March 17

NORTH East Livestock Sales sold 87 cattle including 15 cows and 1959 sheep comprising 1468 hoggs and 491 cast ewes. As numbers tighten all stock a touch dearer.

Rams. Suffolk 200 East Trewick, Texel 151, 145 Donkin Rigg, 150 Harle, Leicester 150 Harehope, Harle, Charolais 145 Beal Bank.

Ewes. Suffolk 170 East Trewick, 155, 150, 149 Mirlaw House, 138 Thrunton, Harle, 132 Clifton Lane, Texel 150 East Town, East Trewick, 148 East Dalton, 142, 134, 132 Mirlaw House, 138 Newham Hall, HB 130 Doxford, Newham Hall, 126 Brinkburn, 118 Causey Park, Char 128 Brinkburn, 125 South Lodge, Mules 138, 132 Mirlaw House, 120 Rawfoot, 117 East House, Beltex 120 Loanend, BF 88 Harle, 73 Hipsburn, 70 Hope House, Swale x 72, 66 Rawfoot, 69 Donkin Rigg.

Hoggs. SQQ 211p, Heavy 207p with 302 hoggs over £100.

Tex 129, 122 Ulgham Fence, 121, 113 Newham Hall, 113 Doxford, 110 White House Folly, Suff 128, 124.50 Park Farm, 126, 112 Hemscott Hill, 119, 113 Donkin Rigg, HB x 126, 120 Doxford, 122 Newham Hall, 119, 110 Berry Hill, Char 120, 115, 112 Newton, Beltex 118 Park Farm, 111 Windyside, Chev/Mule 110, 107 Park Farm, Mules 99, 94.50 Donkin Rigg, 94 Bellion, Swale 97.50, 97 Donkin Rigg.

Tex 248p, 24op Rugley, 233p, 231p Norwoods, 233p Paxton Dene, Newton, Beltex 244p, 239p Park Farm, 241p, 229p Bellion, 237p West Stobswood, 233p, 228p Netherton, HB x 237p Newham Hall, Char 238p East Coldside, 226p Houndalee, Suff 229, 227p Newton, Netherton, 226p Newham Hall, 225p Clifton Lane, 224p Thrunton.

Cattle. Another few pence dearer.

Lim strs 179.5p, 175.5p, 174.5p, 173.5p Embleton Mill, 173.5p Stamford, Bel hfrs 184.5p Herds House, Lim hfrs 177.5p, 173.5p (two) Boulmer Hall, Char hfrs 173.5p Howick Scar, Lim blks 1250 Embleton Mill, Char hfrs 1014 South Side, 1008 Howick Scar.

Cows. Lim 1116, 953 (133.5p, 119.5p) The Meadows, Angus 987 (115.5p) Shipley Hill, Simm 860 East Coldside, 827 (119.5p) Thirston, Fries 730 (121.5p) Hauxley.


w/e March 18

BORDER Livestock Exchange Ltd to week ending Friday,, March 18, sold 121 prime Cattle including 49 Cows, Cast Bulls, 589 Prime Lambs and 191 Store and Breeding Cattle.

Top prices in the cattle section went to West Kyloe, Beal for Limousin Steers (twice) which sold to £1,282; Embleton Mill, Alnwick Limousin Steers to £1,230 per head. Lochside, Yetholm and Pressmains, Coldingham Heifers to 293p per kilo. In the Cast Cow department a Dairy Cow from Kelloe Mains, Duns reached an impressive £1,030 per head. Continental Cows from Bowerhouse, Oxton and Holydean, Melrose to 240p per kilo.

Prime Lambs continue to improve with handy weight Organic Lambs from Tullochallum Farm, Dufftown, Keith selling to 475p per kg and £99.75.

Export weights from South Riccalton, Oxnam sold to 460p per kg; 455p Roddam Estates, Wooler; 450p Hallrule Farms, Bonchester Bridge and Cliftoncote, Yetholm.

Store Cattle are coming forward for sale in notable numbers with regular buyers having to compete enthusiastically for pervious lots. Prices: Yearling and Limousin Charolais Bullocks to £920.

Shorthorn Heifers to £740. Belgian Blue Bullocks to 200p per kg. All sold ex farm with no haulage to pay.