Livestock prices, w/e June 3


May 31

NORTH East Livestock Sales had forward 109 store cattle.

Angus strs 1005, 1000, 900 Middle Coldcoats, 830, 810,790 Middlemoor, Limousin strs 980 (two), 880 Hazon House, 790, 750 Middlemoor, Blue strs 860, 840 Hazon House, 760 Middlemoor, Limousin hfrs 790 Little Common, 720 Middlemoor, Angus hfrs 740 Middle Coldcoats, 700 Middlemoor, 500 St Martins.

Calves. Blonde strs 700 Little Common, 570 South Barlow, Angus strs 540 Belsay Barns.

Welsh Black cow and calf 770 St Martins.

June 2

NORTH East Livestock sold 75 prime cattle 1615 sheep comprising 750 lambs 463 hoggs and 402 ewes.

Averages: Cattle 200.5p top, 173p ave. Cows 1097 (142.5p), 906. Lambs 125.50 (279p), 105 (248p). Hoggs 124 (230p), 97 (209p). Ewes 140, 105.

All livestock short of buyers requirements.

Cast Ewes- Dearer again.

Mules- 121 Homilton 117 Quarry House 116 Gt Ryle, Fenrother Lane 113 Routin Lynn. BF- 118, 96 Quarry House 97 Homilton 92 Birtley Shield 89 Reenes. Texel- 143 Alcan 138 Reenes 136 Springwood 131 Homilton130 Barker House. Suffolk- 137, 130 Pasture View, 137 S Lyham 136 Fenrother Lane 135 Low Hall 130 Thrunton. Charolais- 133 South Carter 132 Homilton 128 Southfield. Leic- 134 Homilton 126 Quarry House. HB- 129 Gt Ryle 124 Pastures. Tex Rams- 140 Springwood. Leic Rams- 134 Thrunton.

Lambs- Texel- 125.5p Alcan 124,118, 115 Yetlington 124 West Rennington. HBx- 120 East Trewick, Pastures, 118 Low Hall. Beltex- 120 Fenham Hill. Charolais- 117, 114 Burnhouses 113.5p Old Deanham. Vendeen- 115.5 South Lyham. Suffolk- 112.5p Fenham Hill, Nesbit, 112 East Trewick, Gallow Moor. Texel- 279p 260p Clifton 274, 261, 260p Alcan, 270p, 267p Yetlington 267p West Rennington. Beltex- 276p 270p Hillcrest 267p Fenham Hill 262p East Newham. HBx- 268p 265p Lowsteads. B. D’Maine- 267p Alcan.

Hoggs- Texel- 124, 117.5p Reavley Greens 123.50, 122.50 South Farm, 118 Corneyside. Suffolk- 122, 119 South Farm 118 Clifton 116 Long Lea. Vendeen- 119, 116 South Lyham. Beltex- 116 Reenes. Texel- 230p 229p 227p South Farm 227p Fontburn 226p Rugley. Suffolk- 227p 224p South Farm. Charolais- 226p 225p South Farm 222p Corneyside.

Cattle- Lim Strs- 200.5p 198.5p 189.5p Chevington Moor. Bel Strs- 193.5p Start Up. Lim Hfrs- 192.5p Boulmer 185.5p (two) Blagdon Burn. Blond Hfrs- 190.5p Oakdene. Lim Bulls- 181.5p 177.5p 175.5p Chevington Moor. Ayrshire Bulls- 150.5p Elyhaugh. Lim Strs- 1286, 1231 Chevington Moor 1257 Start Up 1228 Causey Park. Blonde Strs- 1236 East Coldside. Lim Hfrs- 1034 South Bellshill 1032 Blagdon Burn. Char Bulls- 1353 Thrunton. Lim Bull 1136 Chevington Moor. Ayr Bulls- 945 Elyhaugh.

Cows- Fewer numbers forward.

Bel Blue- 1097 (142.5p) watch Hill 1092 (128.5p) Quarry House. Angus Cow- 925 (129.5p) Shipley Hill 867 Gt Ryle 836 (138.5p) Warton.


w/e June 3

BORDER Livestock Exchange Ltd to week ending Friday, June 3, sold 131 Prime Cattle, 52 Cows, 772 Prime Lambs including 211 Cast Ewes and 142 Store and Breeding Cattle.

Prime Cattle trade shows signs of firming as numbers begin to tighten. Prices – Hollydean Farms, Melrose sold Simmental x Heifers to 315p per kg to Average £1204. Crookhouse Farm, Kelso sold Continental x Bullocks to 312p. Continental x Bullocks from Buthercote, St Boswells sold to 310p per kg. Butcher weight Heifers from Fenwick Steads and Smeafield Belford sold to 310p. Young Bulls from West Learmouth, Cornhill on Tweed sold to 305p per kg for Aberdeen Angus Crosses.

Prime Lambs continue to sell well with best quality Texel Crosses reaching 555p per kg from Gainslaw Hill, Berwick upon Tweed. Medium weights from Cornhill Farm and Easington Grange, Belford to 510p per kg.

Organic Hoggs from Tullochallum, Keith sold to 480p per kg.

Store Cattle Hereford x Bullocks and Heifers sold to 180p per kg with ¾ Limousin crosses selling to 200p per kg. Aberdeem Angus x Cows with Short Horn Cross Calves at foot sold to £1150 for 60 head.