Livestock prices, w/e January 28


January 27

NORTH East Livestock Sales sold 83 cattle including 22 cast cows 2582 sheep comprising 1693 hoggs and 889 cast ewes.

Hoggs- A better show and sharper. SQQ-187p. Heavies 172p. Highlight of the sale was 111 hoggs from Park Farms to average over £90.

Beltex- 97, 96, 94 (two) 93.50 Park Farm, 94 Hillcrest 91 Matfen Home Farm. Texel- 99, Wooden 93 Park Farm 90.50 Tritlington 90 Boulmer, Ulgham Fence. Cheviots- 90 High Fodderlee 89.50 Warton. Suffolk- 92 (two) 91 Park Farm 90 Berryhill. Cheviot/Mule- 91.50 Brislee. Charolais- 89.50, 89 East Coldside 89 Boulmer. Beltex- 221p 217p 203p Matfen Home Farm 211p 200p Fenham Hill 210p 200p Watch Currock 209p 208p Hillcrest. Texel- 210p Matfen, Barrasford Mill 209p 201p 200p Burmoor 207p Follions 200pTritlington, Buston. Charolais- 202p Smallburn 200p Kiplaw, MCP.

Cast Ewes- All classes dearer.

Suffolks- 120 East Trewick 110 Gallowmoor 105 Howick Scar. Texel- 114 East Trewick 112 Rugley 110 St Oswalds 108 West Newbiggin (Norham) 106 Preston Mains 100 Start Up, Brinkburn New Houses. Charolais- 102 Wingates Wholme 100 East Trewick. HB- 101 Low Hall 100, 98 North Swinhoe. Cheviots- 89 High Fodderlee. Mules- 84 Beal Bank 79 Start Up, Weldon 78 Gallowmoor. BF- 78 Halterburn 75 West Raw 60 Harrow. Tex Rams- 115 Trewhitt Steads 112 St Oswalds.

Cattle- Easier on the week.

Lim Hfrs- 187.5p 182.5p 168.5p High Highlaws 169.5p Newham Hall 168.5p Chibburn. Bel Bulls- 173.5p 172.5p 170.50p Herds House. Lim Strs- 166.5p South Acton.

Cast Cows- A good flesh show well sold.

Bel Blue- 876 (111.5p) Annsteads, 833 South Carter Moor. Limousin- 860 (112.5p) Annstead. Simmental- 817 (107.5p) Eslington. Angus- 861 Overgrass 850 (111.5p) West Lane End (107.5p) Shipley Hill.


w/e January 28

BORDER Livestock Exchange Ltd to week ending Friday 28th January 2011 sold 186 Prime Cattle including 119 Cast Cows and Bulls, 1492 Prime Lambs including 147 Ewes and 82 Store Cattle.

Cattle trade was easier on the week for Clean Cattle, Cast Cows continue to sell exceptionally well. Prime Cattle were topped by Lochside Farm, Yetholm for Limousin Cross Bullocks selling to 295p per kg and £1114 per head. Cast Cows from Easington Grange, Belford sold to £1018 and 235p per kg. Cast Limousin Bulls sold to 200p per kg and £1196 per head from Brackenside Farm, Bowsden, Berwick upon Tweed.

Prime Lambs sold well at the end of the week having been slow at the beginning of the week. Suffolk and Tex x Lambs sold to 400p from Roddam Estate, Wooler and Longwitton Farm, Morpeth. Romney Cross Lambs from Hallrule Farm, Bonchester Bridge sold to 390p per kg and £81.60. Organic Lambs sold to £92.40, East Mains.

Store Cattle – Spring born Charolais Cross Bullocks to 185p per kg and £650 per head. AA x to Bullocks £820 for 18-20 moths old.


January 26

AT their weekly Primestock Sale John Swan Limited had forward and sold 949 Hoggs and 331 Ewes. Hoggs keenly bid for showing marked improvement from early week markets. Overall average 175.3p per kilo, (-7.7p on the week).

Leading Prices Per Head: Tex.x;- £88 Elwick , £85.50 Castlelaw, £83.50 Newstead, £82.50 Cornhill, £82 West Longridge and East Fleetham, £81.50Butterknowes, £81.20 Newstead, £80 Brandon Whitehouse. BFL;- £86.50 Clennel.

Oxf;- £86, £82 East Fleetham. Suff.x;- £84 Castlelaw and South Falaknowe, £83.80 Newstead, £83.50 South Falaknowe, £80.50 Brandon Whitehouse, £80.20 Newstead. Chev;- £80 Elsdonburn, £74 Biddlestone Home Farm. BF;- £75 (two), £74.50 (two), £74.20 Elsdonburn.

Leading Prices Per Kilo: Tex;- 189.5p Amersidelaw, Butterknowes and Shipley Smallburn, 186.3p Biddlestone Home Farm, 185p Yetlington Lane, 184.9 East Fleetham, 183.3p Amersidelaw, 182.9p West Longridge, 182.5p Elwick, 181.6p Hillcrest Livestock, 181.4p Newstead, 180.5p Roddam Estates and Kettleburn. Chev;- 186.6p (two), 186.1p Elsdonburn, 183.7p Biddlestone Home Farm. BF;- 182.9p, 181.7p (two), 181p Elsdonburn. Suff.x;- 179.5p Chesterhill, 176.7p Newstead. Char;- 179.5p Gatherwick.

Ewes more numerous, fat types meeting slight caution, leaner types very dear. Overall average £67.44.

Leading Prices per Head:- Suff.x;- £96 Thornington, £94.50, £92.50 Chesterhill, £89 Cornhill, £87 Newstead, £86.50 Mindrum. BFL;- £93.50, £89.50 Clennel. Tex;- £85 Hillcrest Livestock and Butterknowes, £83.50 Elwick, £80.50 Hepburn Farms. Chev;- £77 Thompson’s Walls. Bel;- £79.50 Milfield Demense. HB;- £84 Newstead. Mule;- £75 Pasture Hill, £73.50 Doune Brae, £72 Sionside, £71 Edlingham Newtown, £70 Hepburn Farms. BF;- £65.50 Gatherwick, £60.50 Edlingham Newtown. RAMS: Suff;- £111 Cornhill. Tex;- £104 Chesterhill, £94 Alwinton. BF;- £75.50 Alwinton.