Livestock prices, w/e January 25


January 28

North East Livestock Sales sold 97 store cattle and calves also 132 hoggs.

Cattle Over 12 Months. Lim strs 1360 Park Farm, 1030 Castle Farm, 1010, 920 Angerton Broomhouse, Saler Strs 1280, 1230, 1090 Firth Farm, Angus strs 1080 Castle Farm, 1045 Angerton Broomhouse, Fries strs 1000, 980, 960 Castle Farm, Sim strs 950 Azon House.

Lim hfrs 960 Park Farm, 915 Broome House, Angus hfrs 770, 740 Middle Coldcoats.

Calves Under 12 Months Char strs 1070, 880 Howick Seahouses, 820, 810 Alnham, BBlue strs 900 Houndalee, Angus strs 935, 890, 865 Birchwood Hall, Lim strs 960, 870 Howick Seahouses, 760 Houndalee, Sim strs 800, 790 Baldersbury Hill, Char hfrs 690 Alnham, Lim hfrs 630 Houndalee. Hoggets Suffolks 49, Texels 46, Chev x 44 Castle Farm.

January 25

North East Livestock Sales sold 72 prime cattle including 11 cows, 2120 sheep comprising 1708 hoggs and 412 cast ewes.

Cattle. Leading prices/kg: Lim Hfrs- 223.5p, 211.5p Causey Park 212.5p Stamford 211.5p Start Up. BB Hfrs- 210.5p Annstead. Simmental Hfrs- 209.5p East Coldside. Lim Steers- 206.5p, 205.5p Stamford 204.5p Earsdon East 204.5p Start Up.

Leading Prices: Saler Steers- 1523, 1448 Causey Park. Lim Steers- 1467, 1402 Earsdon East 1450, 1401 Stamford. Sim Hfrs- 1291 Southfield. Lim Hfrs 1245 Stamford.

OTMS: Char Bull- 1673 Redsteads. BB cows- 1083 (142.5p) 990 (139.5p) Annstead. Lim cows- 1015 (151.5p) 1030 (158.5p) Howick Seahouses. (144.5p x 2) Oakdene.

Hoggs- All classes a similar trade, quality fleshed types still good to cash.

Beltex- 82.5p Howick Scar 80 75.5p Annstead 80 78 Percy Farms. Texel- 83.5p 79.5p 76.5p South Side 83, 81, 75 South Broomford 78.5 Low Burradon 78 Thrunton. Suffolk- 78.5p 77 75 Brandon 77.5p 77 Percy Farms 75.5p Doxford. Charolais- 77 Low Hall 75 Make Me Rich.

Leading Prices/Kg: Beltex- 200p 184p Annstead 183p Howick Scar 181p 177p 174p Percy Farms. Texel- 182p East Thirston 175p x 2 South Carter Moor 172p x 2 South Broomford.

Cast Ewes- Fewer forward on the week, big ewes a similar trade with smaller ewes slightly dearer.

Texel- 112 Thrunton 102 West Farm, Rennington 100, 72 South Acton 95, 84 Black Heddon 82, 74, 70 Low Burradon. Suffolk- 104, 80, 76, 74 Black Heddon 88 South Acton.

Texel Rams- 80 Pigdon 80 Middlemoor. Half Breds- 78 70 South Acton 74 Thrunton. Charolais- 79 Stamford. Cheviot- 62 Alnham. Mule- 56 Black Heddon 54 Wittonstone 54 Stamford.


w/e January 25

Border Livestock Exchange Ltd, to week ending Friday, January 25, sold 131 prime cattle including 50 cows, 1,688 prime lambs and 365 cast ewes.

Organic Heifers sold to 435p per kg and £1,540 Cresswell Farms.

Aberdeen Angus Cross Steers and Heifers hit the top prices this week with Eastfield of Lempitlaw, Kelso selling to 405p per kg with both Fenwick Steads, Belford and West Kyloe, Beal selling to 400p per kg and £1,541. Charolais Crosses sold to 367p per kg for Heifers from Easington Grange, Belford and Primside, Yetholm. Limousin Cross Steers and Heifers from Shidlaw, Cornhillon Tweed sold to 371p per kg. Cull cows to 280p per kg and £1,563 Bowsden Moor, Berwick upon Tweed.

Prime Lambs continued to firm with numbers held back due to the weather.

Top prices were 350p per kg and £73.50 for Texel Cross Export Weights from Roddam Home Farm, Wooler. Texel and Suffolk also to 345p per kg and £72.45 from The Hardens and Thorneydykes Duns. Romneys to 335p per kg Humbleton, Wooler. Organic lambs sold to 370p per kg Tullochalum, Keith. Texel Ewes to £98.50 Blackadder Mains, Duns; Lleyn to £67.50 Tughall Farm, Chathill; Blackfaced to £50.50.


January 23

John Swan Limited had forward and sold 749 Hoggs and 109 Ewes.In spec lambs receiving premium rewards. Leading Prices Per Head:- Tex.x:- £80, £73.50 Henlaw, £71 Pallinsburn, Mordington and Henlaw, £70 Black Heddon, Henlaw and Ladykirk, £69.50 Black Heddon, £69 Pallinsburn. Suff.x:- £73.50, £68.50 Brandon, £68 West Longridge, £66.50 Newstead, £65 West Longridge. HB:- £63 Brandon. Chv:- £67.50, £65.50, £65 Humbleheugh, £61 North Lyham. Ven:- £67.50, £67, £65 North Lyham. Bel:- £74.50, £71, £70 Ladykirk. GF:- £57 Mordington. LLE:- £57 (two) Amerside Law. Leading Prices Per Kilo:- Bel:- 181.7p, 162.8p Ladykirk. Tex.x:- 175p Henlaw, 173.2p Mordington, 170.5p Ladykirk, 167.5p West Longridge, 166.7p Black Heddon, 165.9p Mordington, 165.1p Henlaw, 163.4p Mordington. LLE:- 164.7p, 162.9p Amerside Law. Ven:- 162.5p, 155.8p North Lyham. Suff.x:- 154.8p West Longridge, 151.1p Newstead, 150p Brandon, 148.7p Shipley Lane. Chv:- 148.8p North Lyham, 146.3p Humbleheugh. Ewes a poor show gaining similar returns. Leading Prices:- Tex.x:- £62 Craigshouse, £59 Pallinsburn, £52 Village Farm. Mule:- £50 Mordington, £42 Black Heddon, £41 Craigshouse. Suff.x:- £50, £45 Todrig. HB:- £55, £46 North Lyham. Rams:- £80 Hendersyde.