Livestock prices, w/e January 18


January 17

North East Livestock Sales sold 78 prime cattle including 19 cows, 2,413 sheep comprising 1,579 hoggs and 834 cast ewes.

Cattle- More flesh forward to average 200p. Lim Hfrs- 224.5p 222.5p High Highlaws 224.5p Widdrington. Char Hfrs- 219.5p 211.5p Widdrington 217.5p Eslington. Steers- 207.5p Stamford 206.5p West Bolton. Lim Strs- 1461 Stamford 1450, 1430, 1417 South Rennington 1429 West Bolton. Char Hfrs- 1400 Blagdon Burn 1300 Widdrington. Lim Hfrs- 1379 1341 Eslington Park. Angus Cow- 1297 (160.5p) Swinhoe 1000 (133.5p) Hazon. Lim Cow- 1061 (141.5p) Elyhaugh. Aged Ang Bull- 1507 (137.5p) Sharperton Edge.

Hoggs- Weight and Flesh better to cash. Overall average 148p – SQQ- 150p Heavies (over 45k) 140p.

Texel- 80, 75, 74 Wingates Moor 79.50, 77 Chevington Moor 78, 73 Low Town 76 Linden Hill Head. Beltex- 80, 77.50 Chevington Moor 79, 75 Park Farm 78, 74 (2) Howick Scar. Suffolk- 79.50 (2) 76, 75 Doxford 78.50, 74 (2) Park Farm. Charolais- 74 Black Heddon 73 Elyhaugh. HB- 73.50 Doxford. Texel- 195p 183p Wingates Moor 186p 170p Low Town 179p 172p Norwoods 171p Chevington Moor. Beltex- 184p 172p Park Farm 175p Chevington Moor.

Cast Ewes- All classes cheaper especially leaner sorts.

Texel Rams- 118, 115 Homilton 115 Craster 100 Newton Red House. Beltex Rams- 105 Park Farm. Texel Ewes- 110, 80 Craster 110 East Link Hall 98, 86 Black Heddon 82 Trewhitt Steads 80 West Hills. Suffolks- 80, 76 Chester Hill 76 Newham Hall 74 Blagdon Burn, Black Heddon 73 Craster Heugh. HB- 75 Newton 70 Brandon. Cheviots- 70 East Ditchburn . B D’Maine 82 Alcan. Charolais- 76 Homilton 74 Black Heddon. Mule- 53 West Hall 50 North Acomb 48 Black Heddon. BF- 44 Warksfield Head 43 Homilton 40 Garret Lea. Leicester- 70 Homilton.


w/e January 18

Border Livestock Exchange, to week ending January 18, sold 129 cows, 1,862 prime cattle including 49 lambs, 409 cast ewes and 88 breeding cattle.

Aberdeen Angus Cross Steers and Heifers hit the top prices with both West Kyloe and Fenwick Steads Belford selling to 400p per kg. Charolais Crosses sold to 367p per kg for Heifers from Easington Grange, Belford and Primside Yetholm. Limousin Cross Steers and Heifers from Shidlaw, Cornhill on Tweed sold to 371p per kg. Limousin Cross Heifers from Ross Farm, Belford sold to 365p per kg.

Prime Lambs were slightly firmer with numbers held back due to the weather. Top prices were for Texel Cross Export Weights from Milfield Farm, Wooler. Lleyn Crosses to 335p per kg from Carlophill, Penicuik. Texel and Suffolk also to 335p per kg from Bowerhouse, Lauder; High Learchild, Alnwick and Goswick Farm, Berwick upon Tweed. Meat Linc to 335p Ex Cliftoncote Farm, Yetholm.

Saler Bulling Heifers sold to £1,000 for 14/15 Months Old. Limousin Cross 4th Calvers due March sold to £1,500 for 50 Head.

w/e January 11

Border Livestock Exchange, to week ending January 11, sold 104 prime cattle; 61 cast cows; 2,177 prime sheep including 365 ewes and 94 store and breeding cattle.

Prime Cattle continue to be in short supply with top quality Home Bred Charolais Heifers from Blackadder Mains, Duns selling to 372p per kg. Charolais Heifers from Chesterhill, Belford sold to 370p per kg and £1,491 per head. Aberdeen Angus and Shorthorn Steers from Cairndinnis, Haddington sold to 395p per kg.

Lambs look good value for the time of year. Top prices for Texel and Suffolk Crosses to 350p per kg from Embleton Steads, Alnwick; Sweethope Farm, Kirkwhelpington; Stagehall, Stow and Deanfoot Farms, Hawick. Romney Crosses to 340p per kg from Humbleton, Wooler. Blackfaced Lambs to 345p per kg from Prendwick Farm, Alnwick. Cast Ewes sold to £91.50 for Suffolk Crosses; Mules to £66.50; Easycare to £63.50 and Meatlinc Crosses to £62.50.