Livestock prices, w/e February 24

At their fortnightly Store Sale John Swan Ltd had forward and sold 141 Head of Cattle.''A show of mainly young cattle were presented to a large ring of buyers, vendors received returns described as the dearest around.
At their fortnightly Store Sale John Swan Ltd had forward and sold 141 Head of Cattle.''A show of mainly young cattle were presented to a large ring of buyers, vendors received returns described as the dearest around.


February 23

NELS sold 68 prime cattle and 1762 sheep comprising 1175 hoggets and 587 cast ewes.

Cast Ewes. With fewer and more leaner sorts forward, the dearest trade for sometime was seen – don’t under sell.

Tex ewes 168 (two), 136 Delight, 160 (two), 152 Wauchope, 146 Quarry House, 140 West Hall, H Breds 140 South Side, Boulmer Hall, 126 Berry Hill, Suffolks 136 Boulmer Hall, 130 Park Farm, Leics 136 Quarry House, Chev/Mule 130 South Charlton, 127 Park Farm, Black Face 109, 104 Quarry House, 85 Craigs House, 82 East Highridge, Mules 126 Wooden, 120 Cartington, 116 Mitford Steads, 114 Unthank, 112 Craigs House, Beltex 126 Pasture House, Wooden, Lleyn 119, 114 Thistley Haugh, Suff rams 148 Craigs House, Tex rams 140 Routin Lynn.

Hoggets. With a lot of peoples tail end draws forward SQQ weights met the dearest trade for a while, plain heavies easier.

Texel 116, 108.50 Wooden, 101 Park Farm, 100 (two) Wauchope, Suffolks 113.50, 108.50, 106.50 Brandon, 104 Berry Hill, 102.50 Wooden, Char 103.50 Wingates Wholme, 101.50 Banktop, Mules 89, 84 Howick Scar, 88.50 Stamford, 88 Preston Mains, Hartlaw, Black Face 86.50 Birtley Shield. Beltex 240p Wooden, Texel 232p Wingates Wholme, 227p, 225p South Healey, Char 238p, 230p, 224p Broome Hill, 227p Riplington, 224p Abberwick, Lleyn 224p North End, Suffolk 223p, 220p Stamford, 223p South Side, Chev 220p Routin Lynn Mules 216p Preston Mains, Black Face 202p Birtley Shield.

Cattle. A nice show forward.

Lim strs 1577, 1470, 1406 Eslington, 1410, 1400 Stamford, Bel strs 1552, 1550, 1436 Nesbit, Sim strs 1421 South Acton, Lim hfrs 1307 Elyhaugh. Lim hfrs 213.5p, 209.5p, 208.5p Elyhaugh, 211.5p High Highlaws, 208.5p Stamford, Lim strs 212.5p, 205.5p Stamford, 205.5p Eslington, Bel strs 210.5p, 207.5p Nesbit.

Lim cows 1200 (two) (170.5p) High Highlaws, 1084 (148.5p) Wingates Wholme, Ang x cows 1190 (168.5p) Brotherwick, 1181, 1114 (157.5p, 156.5p) Stamford, Sim cow 1120 Ryehill.


w/e February 24

BORDER Livestock Exchange Ltd to week ending February 24 sold 134 Cattle including 61 Cast Cows; 791 Prime Lambs; 347 Cast Ewes and 186 Store Cattle.

A good trade was experienced with quality Cattle heavily sought after with prices firming as the week progressed. Aberdeen Angus Cross Heifers from Bonjedward Mill, Jedburgh sold to 360p per kg to Well Hung & Tender, Berwick upon Tweed. Other Aberdeen Angus Cross Steers sold to 355p per kg Lucker Hall, Belford. Hereford and Aberdeen Angus Heifers to 350p per kg Howden Farm, Jedburgh. Continental Cross Steers from New Houses, Hallington also sold to 350p per kg and £1,432. Home Bred Limousin Cross Heifers from Hallrule Farms, Bonchester Bridge realised 350p per kg £1,326 per head. A tremendous consignment of top quality Cast Cows was topped by Whitmuirhaugh Farm, Kelso with a Home Bred Belgian Blue Cow which weighed 524kgs at 310p per kg £1,624.40. Dairy Veal Calves at 10 months old sold for 300p per kg £645 to Linden Foods, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Organic Lambs sold to 510p per kg Tullochallum, Keith £107.50 for Shetland Cross Suffolk May born Lambs. Export weight Lambs from Raecleugh Head, Duns sold to 455p per kg and £95.50. Cast Ewes firmer with Mules to £96.50; Cheviot Crosses £106 and Black Faced £87.50. Suffolk Rams to £156.

Store Cattle. Trading on farms has started earlier with several consigners selling a month quicker than in pervious years, as they take advantage of the very strong demand. Several batches showing a rise in excess of £200 up on last year. Strong Charolais Cross Bullocks sold to £1,265 a record on farm price for this Centre. Small Limousin Cross Bullocks 7 months to £900 and 272p per kg.


February 21

AT their fortnightly Store Sale John Swan Ltd had forward and sold 141 Head of Cattle.

A show of mainly young cattle were presented to a large ring of buyers, vendors received returns described as the dearest around.

Leading Prices Per Head – Steers:- Char.x:- £1210, £1120, £1090 Newstead, £1025, £1010 (two), £1000, £990, £960 Fawdon Farms, £1010, £970, £960 Great Ryle. Lim.x:- £1150 Newstead, £980, £970, £930, £910 Branton Eastside, £930, £920, £900 Barmoor Red House.

Leading Prices Per Head – Heifers:- Char.x:- £1160, £980 (two) Newstead, £870, £845, £800 Great Ryle, £870, £865, £815, £810 (two), £800 Fawdon Farms. Lim.x:- £1125, £1110 (two), £900, £915 Goswick, £920 Newstead, £820 (two), £800 Branton Eastside.

Leading Prices Per Kilo – Steers:- Char.x:- 258.5p, 230.2p, 221.1p, 210.9p Great Ryle, 252.5p, 249.4p, 247.5p, 239.9p, 237.8p, 231.9p, 226.7p Fawdon Farms, 216.5p, 216.3p Newstead. Lim.x:- 257p, 248.6p, 243.2p, 238.1p, 234p Barmoor Red House, 246.2p, 239.1p, 234p, 231p Branton Eastside.

Leading Prices Per Kilo – Heifers:- Char.x:- 244p, 239p, 219.5p, 216.6p Fawdon Farms, 216.8p, 212.7p, 211.8p Great Ryle, 211.3p Newstead. Lim.x:- 229.7p, 224p, 221p, 214.3p, 210p Branton Eastside, 218.8p, 213.3p Barmoor Red House.

February 22

AT their weekly Primestock sale John Swan Ltd had forward and sold 638 Hoggs and 221 Ewes.

Rumours circulating of a crash in the sheep trade proved unfounded, all classes remained at late rates.

Leading Prices Per Head:- Bel:- £106.50p, £101.50p Clarabad Mill. Suff.x:- £106.50p Brandon, £104.50p Fawdon Farms, £104.50p South Fallaknowe, £103p Castlelaw. Tex:- £104.50p Fawdon Farms and Brandon, £102.50p Clarabad Mill, £100 South Fallaknowe. Mule:- £94 Fawdon Farms. BF:- £80 Clennel.

Leading Prices Per Kilo:- Tex.x:- 219.7p Greystonnes, Warenford North, 217.1p Old Cambus, 213.2p Ladykirk and Elwick, 212.8p Mindrum Farming Co, 211.5p Elwick, 211.4p Shawdon Woodhouse, 211p Mindrum Farming Co and Ladykirk. Suff:- 217.1p Old Cambus, 214.5p, 213.2p Greystonnes, Warenford North, 211.3p Howtel, 211p Mindrum Farming Co. Bel:- 214.3p Shotton. Chev:- 205.4p Greystonnes, Warenford North. Mule:- 197.4p Howtel, 192.3p Reavley Greens. BF:- 192.3p Reavley Greens.

Ewes a mixed show, very dear returns for all vendors.

Leading Prices:- Tex:- £149 Wrangham East and Clarabad Mill, £127 Prenderguest, £124 Cresswell Farms, £122 Ladykirk, £116, £114 Cresswell Farms. Suff.x:- £145 Fawdon Farms, £129 Brackenside, £127 Old Cambus, £122 Berryhill, £121 Clennel (W Waite), £120 Castlehills, £119 West Longridge. BFL:- £106 Fawdon Farms. Mule:- £102 Brackenside, £99.50p Elwick, £99 Brackenside and Berryhill, £97 West Longridge. Chev:- £95.50p Old Cambus. BF:- £85.50p Cold Martin.

Rams:- BFL:- £139 Howtel. Suff:- £118 Old Cambus.