Livestock prices


January 10

North East Livestock Sales sold 96 prime cattle including 28 cows, 3169 sheep comprising 2142 hoggs and 1027 cast ewes.

All stock forward a bit easier apart from the best of export lambs.

Lambs- Quality and export weights good to cash others harder going.

Beltex- 86, 76 Glanton 85, 75 Thrunton 85 Chevington Moor 81.50 South Bellshill 81.50, 78 Park Farm. Texel- 84, 80 East Trewick 79 Bellshill 77 Watch Currock 76, 75 Park Farms 75, 73 Thrunton. Suffolk- 74 Glanton, Park Farm 73.50 Make Me Rich 71 East Ditchburn.

Charolais- 72 Chevington Moor 71 Howick Estates 70.50 Howick Scar 70.50 South Carter Moor. Cheviots- 73, 72, 70 East Ditchburn 70 Hetton North, South Charlton. Beltex- 226p 200p Glanton 203p Watch Currock 193p Chevington Moor 190p 188p Park Farm 185p South Bellshill 183p 181p Thrunton. Texel- 200p 178p East Trewick 178p 177p 170p Alcan Farms 178p Thrunton 172p South Carter Moor 171p Whittle.

Cattle- Overall average- 196p Lim Strs- 1460, 1404 Stamford. Char Steers- 1460 North Rennington. Sim Strs- 1431 Brotherwick 1424 Causey Park, West Hall. Lim Bull- 1449 Chevington Moor. Devon Bull- 1413 Lumbylaw. Bel Hfrs- 1351, 1330 Nesbit. Lim Hfr- 1341 West Hall. Lim Hfrs- 225.5p 215.5p High Highlaws 215.5p Goswick 209.5p Nesbit. Lim Strs- 208.5p Stamford. Lim Bulls- 208.5p 206.5p Herds House. Lim Cows- 1177 (163.5p) Brotherwick 1132 (159.5p) Paxton Dene. Bel Cow- 1062 Nesbit. Sim Cows- 1042, 1018, 1009 (155.5p 137.5p 134.5p) Start Up. Angus Cow- 975 (149.5p) Broome Hill.

Cast Ewes- All classes cheaper with more numbers forward.

Texel Rams- 145 Newton Red House 120 Unthank. Chev Rams- 118 Bowershield. Beltex Rams- 98 Annstead. Texel Ewes- 116, 115 Annstead 96 Haugh Head 92 Alcan 98, 85 Chevington Moor 90, 86 (2) Black Heddon. Beltex- 108, 100, 88 Annstead 86, 80 Bygate 86 Pigdon. Charolais- 84 Newton Red House 82, 80 Alcan 80 Benridge Mill 78 West Grange. Suffolk- 82, 80 Black Heddon 78 Chevington Moor, Howick Estates, Low Steads 74 Sharperton Edge. Mule- 54 West Hall 50 Make Me Rich, West Milbourne.


January 9

At their weekly Primestock Sale John Swan Limited had forward and sold 1,109 hoggs and 346 ewes.

Hogg numbers tight due to vendors worries over trade, but selling vendors left happy after returns well above early week markets, In spec Hoggs in great demand.

Leading Prices Per Head:- Tex.x:- £73.50 Linhope Farming (Roddam), £70 Ashcraig Farming Co, £69.50 Linhope Farming (Roddam), £67.50 Linhope Farming (Roddam), West Longridge and Old Cambus, £67, £66.50 Mindrum Farming Co, £66 Auchencrow Mains, Ladykirk, North Lyham, Cockhall and Titlington Mount, £65 Gatherick, Linhope Farming (Roddam), West Longridge and Fenham Hill. Bel.x:- £70 (2) Hillcrest Livestock, £69, £66 Ladykirk. Char:- £68 Auchencrow Mains. Chev:- £64 Linbrig, £60 (2) Biddlestone Home Farm and Linbrig. Suff.x:- £63 Mindrum Farming Co and Old Cambus.

Leading Prices Per Kilo:- Tex.x:- 178.4p Cockhall, 175p Linhope Farming (Roddam), 171.6p Amerside Law, 169.2p Titlington Mount, 168.8p Linhope Farming (Roddam), 167.6p Amerside Law, 163.4p Mindrum Farming Co, 161.6p Lorbottle and Linhope Farming (Roddam), 161p North Lyham. Bel:- 164.3p Ladykirk. Suff.x:- 162.9p Cockhall. Char:- 158.1p Auchencrow Mains.

Ewes a mixed show retaining late rates.

Leading Prices:- Tex.x:- £93 Gatherick. Suff.x:- £85 Old Cambus, £85 Middle Ord, £83 South Lyham and Newstead, £81 Marigold, £79 Low Middleton, £77 Middle Ord, £76 Fowberry Moor. Mule:- £63 South Lyham. C.M:- £63 Old Cambus. Chev:- £55 Linbrig. BF:- £45 Titlington Mount.

Rams:- Tex:- £85 Auchencrow Mains.