Livestock prices


December 1

NORTH East Livestock Sales sold 130 prime cattle including 23 cows 3991 sheep comprising 3286 lambs and 705 cast ewes.

The Christmas Show of cattle was sponsored by Greaves West and Ayre and judged by Malcolm Riddell for R Turnbull and Sons of Alnwick.

The show was won by an outstanding Limousin Heifer shown by I Renton and Son, High Highlaws, at 612 k (259.5p) bought by the judge.

Reserve was a Limousin Str 217.5p from South Rennington also R Turnbull and Son.

Heifer: First 259.5p High Highlaws. Second 223.5p High Highlaws.

Steer- First 217.5p S Rennington. Second- 212.5p S Rennington.

Best Charolais- First 219.5p Low Hall. Second- 209.5p Low Hall. Heaviest Steer- 896k (187.5p) Low Hall.

Young Bull- First 230.5p Trewhitt Steads Second- 221.5p Widdrington. Native Breed- First Hereford 197.5p Warton. Second- 194.5p Warton.

Best Home Bred Beast- I Renton and Sons.

Cow- First 1351 (184.5p) High Highlaws. Second- 1267 (168.5p) Widdrington.

Other Prices- Char Strs- 1681, 1680, 1644 Low Hall 1513, 1493 North Rennington. Lim Strs- 1672 High Highlaws 1581, 1535 1505 Low Hall 1524, 1489 South Bellshill. Simmental Strs- 1478, 1444 North Rennington 1420 East Coldside. Belx Strs- 1445 S Rennington. Lim Hfrs- 1588 High Highlaws 1235 Stamford.

Char Hfrs- 1559, 1517, 1361 Low Hall. Lim Bulls- 1736, 1715 Trewhitt Steads 1417 Elyhaugh 1387, 1384 Widdrington 1352 Chevington Moor. Lim Hfrs- 223.5p 220.5p 213.5p High Highlaws. Bel Hfrs- 219.5p Blagdon Burn. Simx Hfrs- 214.5p 210.5p Newham Hall. Heavy Hfrs- 209.5p Low Hall. Lim Strs- 219.5p Low Hall 217.5p 212.5p 209.5p (two) S Rennington 215.5p Stamford 213.5p 211.5p S Bellshill.

Char Strs- 209.5p 208.5p Low Hall 208.5p Chev Moor. Lim Bulls- 230.5p 216.5p Trewhitt Steads 221.5p 211.5p 210.5p Widdrington. Sim Bulls- 214.5p Chevington Moor 211.5p Elyhaugh. Bel Bull- 213.5p Causey Park.

Cows- Limousin- 1351 (184.5p) High Highlaws 1267, 1257 (168.5p 142.5p) Embleton Mill. Sim Cows- 1197, 1094 (172.5p 163.5p) The Lee. Angus- 1010 (140p) Blagdon Burn.

Lambs- Overall £90.20 (203p) 561. Lambs- over £100. Beltex- 114.5 Preston Mains 113.5, 109 Matfen Home Farm, 111 Thrunton 109, 107.5 Annsteads. Suffolk- 114.5 Rashercap 110.5 (two) White House 109 Bank Top. Charolais- 114 Burnhouses 110.5 Watch Hill 106 Sunniside, Whittle, N. Shotton. Texel- 111.5, 110 Prestwick Mill 110.5, 110, 109 Thrunton 109 Chevington Moor 108 Corneyside. Chevx- 108.50 Warton 108 Bilton 107 Nesbit.

Chev/mule- 106 Park Farm. Mule- 98 Low Hall 95.50 Blagdon Burn. Beltex- 235p Park Farm 232p 230p 223p Stanton 231p 229p 220p Annstead 226p Watch Currock. Texel- 226p Cramond Hill, Smallburn 222p 218p Follions 220p MCP 219p Low Town 218p 217p Corneyside. Charolais- 219p Hillcrest 217p Tritlington. Suffolk- 216p 215p Middle Moor 215p East Link Hall 214p Gorfenletch.

Ewes- Numbers in shorter supply.

Tex/Rams- 148 Chester Hill 140 Tyneley, Haugh Head. Chev Rams 122 East Ditchburn, Longlea. Suff Ewes- 127 Thrunton 123 East Coldside 120 Burnhouses, Chester Hill. Texels- 122 Chester Hill 121 Harehope 120 South East. HB- 125, 111 Brandon 114 White House 112 Newham Hall 110 Dovecote. Beltex – 111 Watch Currock, Annstead.

Charolais- 109 Watch Hill 108 Follions. Mules- 98, 92 Pasture House 95 South East, 87 Corneyside, Newham Hall. BF- 78 West Raw 76 Watch Currock. Swales- 73 Garden House.

December 5

NORTHEast Livestock Sales sale of store and breeding cattle and store lambs had a smaller entry but everything well sold.

Lim cows and calves 1590, 1480 Warton, Char x cow and calf 1420 Warton, Bel hfrs and calves 1300, 1050 Warton, B Grey hfrs and calves 1080 Warton.

Lim strs 945 Foulmartlaw, Sim strs 900, 880 Foulmartlaw, Char hfrs 925 Thornham Hill, Parthanais str calves 775, 750 Hemelspeth, Char steer calves 650, 640 Brewery, Bel hfr calves 785, 625 Thornham Hill, Sim hfr calves 650 Thornham Hill.

Texel lambs 83, 80.50 Tynely, 77 West Link Hall, Lleyn x lambs 72.50 Todburn West, 70 Middle Heugh.


w/e December 2

BORDER Livestock Exchange Ltd to week ending Friday, December 2, sold 149 Prime Cattle including 94 Cows and Bulls; 2,011 Prime Lambs and 207 Ewes; 68 Store Cattle and 1,340 Store Lambs.

Prime Cattle continue to sell extremely well with heavy weight Steers and Heifers commanding a premium. Home Bred Steers from Tughall Grange, Chathill sold to 340p per kg and £1,570 with a £1,360 average.

Continental Cross Steers from Cairndinnis Haddington sold to 375p per kg and £1,376.

Record numbers of Cast Cows have been selling weekly with Continental Crosses reaching 295p per kg from Upper Chatto, Hownam. Per head to £1,202 from Marchcleugh, Morebattle.

Prime Lambs jumped in value to 450p per kg from Hollybush, Galashiels; Humbleton, Wooler; Venchen Farm Yetholm and Housebyres, Melrose.

Export Lambs to £91.35 from Sharplaw, Hownam; South Riccalton, Jedburgh and Goswick Farm, Beal, Berwick upon Tweed.


November 30

AT their weekly Primestock sale John Swan Limited had forward and sold 1076 Lambs and 417 Ewes.

Lambs similar numbers, auction mart selling well forward on deadweight prices, larger numbers could easily be handled.

Leading Prices Per Head:- Tex.x:- £107, £103 Inland Pasture, £97 Elsdonburn, £96 Hoprig, £95.50 Inland Pasture, £94.50, £94 Lilburn Estates (Roseden), £93.80 West Longridge. Suff.x:- £108.50 Wandon, £98.50 South Falaknowe, £98 Brockley Hall, £96 Barmoor Red House and Fawdon Farms, £95 Mindrum Farming Co, £94 Brockley Hall. Mule:- £92.50 Elsdonburn. Char:- £90 Wandon. Chev:- £89.50 Humbleheugh, £88.50 Fawdon Farms.

Leading Prices Per Kilo:- Bel:- 235.9p Moss Hall. Tex.:- 225.6p Black Heddon, 223.8p Lilburn Estates (Roseden), 222p Hoppen Hall, 221.9p South Ditchburn, 219.7p Roddam Estates, 219.5p Kettleburn, 218.3p East Fleetham and Roddam Estates, 217.4p Mindrum Farming Co, 217.1p West Longridge, 216.7p Hoprig, 215.4p Todrig, 215p Shoreswood Hall and Barmoor Red House, 214.5p Yetlington Lane. Suff.x:- 214p, 213.6p, 212.8p, 212.5p East Fleetham, 212.5p Roddam Estates, 208.1p Mindrum Farming Co, 204.7p Fawdon Farms. Chev:- 218.8p Humbleheugh. Char:- 210.8p Ladyflat.

Ewes a larger show, extra buyers saw ewe trade again progress more needed.

Leading Prices:- Suff.x:- £118 Bowmont Hill, £115.50 East Fleetham, £109 East Fleetham, £107 Roddam Estates and Titlington Mount, £106 Hoprig, £105 The Fleurs, £102 Newstead, £100 Mayfield.

Tex:- £117 (three) Hoprig, £115 East Fleetham, £113 Black Heddon, £110 Roddam Estates, £106 The Fleurs, £102.50 Lorbottle. Chev:- £100 Humbleheugh and Linbrig. Mule:- £91.50 Hoppen Hall, £90.50 Mayfield. BF:- £73 West Longridge. Char Ram:- £106 Lorbottle.