Livestock prices

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May 12

North East Livestock Sales sold 87 cattle including 34 cows 2044 sheep comprising 1156 hoggs 134 lambs and 754 cast ewes. A good show of stock with everything in strong demand.

Lambs- Suffolk- 138, 136 Pastures View, 135 Gallow Moor, 135, 4 Pigdon Cott, Texel - 136 Gallow Moor, 135 Pigdon Cott, 134 Pasture View, Cont x 128 Gallow Moor, 127 Hoprigg, 127 Yetlington.

Texel- 300p 4 Pigdon Cott, 298 Gallow Moor, 298p Char x – 298, Pastures View, 297 Gallow Moor.

Suffolk- 291p 286p Gallow Moor, 284p Yetlington, 282p Hoprigg, 280p Felton Demesne.

Hoggs- Texel- 139 Make Me Rich, 129 Ferneybeds, 125 East Wingates, Suffolk- 139 Tut Hill, 132 Make Me Rich, 126.50 Belsay Barns.

Charolais- 134 South Lyham . HB- 134 Berry Hill, 132 Hoprigg. Beltex- 121 Elyhaugh. Mule- 124 Earsdon, 122 Intake, 122 Donkin Rigg.

Cheviot – 99,97 Birchwood Hall, BF- 95,94 Birchwood Hall, 90 Debdon. Beltex- 269p Elyhaugh, 264p Belsay Barns. Texel- 263p Birchwood Hall, 262p Make Me Rich, 260p Donkin Rigg, 260p Thistleyhaugh. Charolais- 257p Bankfoot, 250p Bilton. HBx- 260p Berry Hill. Cheviots- 259p Donkin Rigg, 254p Birchwood Hall. Suffolk- 260p Stamford, 257p.

Ewes- Tex Ewes- 165 Howick Scar, 150 Hoprigg, 146 Whitton Glebe, 144 White House Folly. Suffolk- 160 Tut Hill, 159 Hoprigg, 158 Black Heddon, 149 South Bradford, 148 Stamford, 144 White House Folly, 140 Felton Demesne. Charolais- 144 South Lyham, 140 Felton Demesne, Mules- 138 Lawfield, 116 Black Heddon, 112 Tut Hill, 112 Low Trewhitt, 108 Birchwood Hall, HB- 120 Berry Hill, 107 South Side, 106 White House Folly. Cheviots- 96 Lee Farm. BF- 92 Donkin Rigg, 79 The Orchards, 76 Northside, 70 Stamford. Swale- 59 Middle Moor, 58 Sweethope. Tex Rams- 150 Whitton Glebe, Suffolk Rams- 124 Black Heddon.

Cattle- Lim Hfrs 199.5p 179.5p Blagdon Burn, 180.5p Herds House, 176.5p Eslington, Char x 169.5p Eslington, Lim Blks- 177.5p Startup, 171.5p Ferneybeds, 167.5p South Acton, 166.5p Causey Park.

Blonde Blks- Sim Bull- 155.5p South Acton, 138.5p Causey Park. Lim Blks 1191 Ferneybeds, 1135 South Acton, 1119 Causey Park, Bel x 1099 Ferneybeds, Lim Hfrs 1103 East Coldside, 1055 Eslington, 1029 Blagdon Burn.

Cows- Limousin- 137.5p Kirkley Dam House, 130.5p Widdrington. Simmental 119.5p Lee Farm, 118.5p South Lyham. Angus- 134.5p 129.5p Broxfield, 128.5p White House, 125.5p Oak Dene, 124.5p Glanton Town. Char x 133.5p Woodwell.

May 16

NORTH East Livestock Sales sold 174 store cattle and 105 ewes and lambs. A very good show of mainly Charolais calves sold to recent high rates.

Calves. Charolais blks 955, 935, 860 Glanton Town, 950, 945, 885 Chollerton, 730 Great Ryle, Limousin blks 970, 870, 865 Glanton Town, 840 Chollerton, Charolais hfrs 910, 840, 760 Glanton Town, 745, 735 Chollerton, 690, 680 Little Common, Limousin hfrs 780, 775, 650 Norwoods, 715, 645 Annsteads, 600 (two) Eastwood, Bel Blue hfrs 670 Annsteads, Blonde bulls 675 West Hepple, 670 Glanton Twin.

Cattle. Charolais hfrs 930 Chollerton, 750 Angerton Broomhouse, 692 White House, Lim hfrs 760 Angerton Broomhouse, 680 Hazon House.

Sheep. Mule ewes 4 crop with twins 172, 165, 164 Catraw, 160, 146 North Shotton, Suffolk gimmers with twins 180 North Shotton, Chev ewes with twins 168 North Shotton.


May 13

BORDER Livestock Exchange Ltd to week ending Friday, May 13, sold 146 Prime Cattle including 52 Cows, 314 Prime Sheep including 314 Prime Sheep including 186 Cast Ewes and 142 Store Cattle.

Prime Cattle continue to be short of requirements with AA Cross Heifers from Bonjedward Mill, Jedburgh selling to 328p per kg. 12 Continental Cross Bullocks from Cairndinnis Farm, Haddington sold to 317p per kg and averaged £1192 per head. Home Bred Bullocks from Butchercote, St Boswells also realised 317p. Dairy Bred Young Bulls reached 300p per kg for Holstein Crosses from Whitlawside, Canonbie.

New Season Lambs are also in short supply with record prices being recorded weekly. Continental Crosses from Lamberton sold to 580p per kg and £121.80, Texel Crosses from Whitehaugh Farm, Hawick sold to 570p per kg and £119.70 per head.

Store cattle were the dearest price so far with Limousin Crosses selling to 220p per kg bulk weighed £840 for nine-month-old Bullocks and Heifers.

Limousin Crosse Bulling Heifers to £975 with B.Blue to £1060. Cows and Calves to £1550 for fourth/fifth Calvers.