Linburn Phil takes the honours at sheep dog trials

A sheep dog in action.
A sheep dog in action.

The Northumberland Sheep Dog Trials League held a nursery trial at Lilburn, Wooler, on Sunday.

Dominic Naylor, from Lilburn, judged 18 dogs working testing mule sheep over a large hillside course in very challenging wintry conditions.

Results: 1 Michael Davidson, Wooler, with Linburn Phil, 76/100pts; 2 Paul Bristow, Kirkwelpington, Ricky, 75; 3 Bevis Jordan, Whitfield, Dallas, 74; 4 Tony Iley, Longframlington, Boo, 73; 5 David Henderson, Allendale, Burndale Gwen, 72; 6 Colin Balmbro, Wooler, Chip, 70.

Best novice: Michelle Anderson, Bellingham, Red.