Life is all about change for a former brewery boss

Ian Linsley at Alnmouth.
Ian Linsley at Alnmouth.

A former brewery boss has launched a new business to help people change their lives.

Ian Linsley, who has a lifelong investment in Alnwick Brewery Company, is now setting out on a new venture, which he has been doing for free for years.

The 54-year-old has a wealth of background in the alcohol industry, but he also knows how it can affect the brain and the body.

Now he wants to help people change their lives, beat addictions and live better, for longer, using the motto, life equals change.

With a new website, which details the services he offers and connections from previous work, he has already had a lot of interest, from as far away as America.

“I have always been ambitious and loved change,” he said.

“I have studied personal development since I was 17. I’m now 54 and I have a wealth of knowledge.

“I have devoured books on the subject for all these years.

“I am addicted to change and I love helping people.”

Ian has already helped a number of people with drug and alcohol addictions to turn their lives around.

He added: “People are realising there is more to life, they are asking better questions about life.”

Most of Ian’s clients come from outside the Northumberland area. He uses Alnmouth beach as his office and also helps people via Skype.

But he wants to make sure that the people he is helping really do want to change.

“They need to convince me that they want it,” he said.

“I want a 100 per cent record. This has been a burning ambition for my entire working life.

“I have finally got round to doing it and I couldn’t be happier.”

He also stressed that client confidentiality is paramount.

For Ian this is also the culmination of a journey, which he says started when he and a partner converted a former farmhouse into the Coach Inn pub at Lesbury in 1986.

Throughout his life Ian has been interested in the study of neuroplasticity, how the brain functions, and he is putting this education into use in his career path.

He has also been writing about his experiences and the studying which he has undertaken, and hopes to produce a book on change as well.

A new website for the business has been set up at which details the different services he provides, with everything from helping people lose weight, shake drink and drug addictions, control anxiety and more.

For more information visit the website.