Kathryn’s discovery of novel success

Author and farmer's wife  Kathryn Brown.
Author and farmer's wife Kathryn Brown.

WHILE you may not imagine that a farmer’s wife would have much time to indulge in literary pursuits, that is exactly what a Lucker woman has done, resulting in the publication of her first novel.

Kathryn Brown, who lives with husband James and 11-year-old daughter Amy, has found a novel way of diversifying the farm business and self-published her paranormal romance tale, Discovery at Rosehill.

The 41-year-old has an interest in the afterlife and hosts a blog where people can share their paranormal experiences. She decided to base the fictional story of medium Camilla on some of her own experiences.

“I was inspired by the death of my father, particularly about the spirit world and also inspired by the house I live in which is quite atmospheric,” she said.

“I have a few experiences of my own in my house and I have based it on some of my experiences. It’s quite a deep story – it delves into Camilla’s past quite a lot and gives an insight to who she is.

“I have written stories most of my life and published a couple of children’s books, but this was the first novel.

“It was very enjoyable, but hard work. My daughter is autistic so I was looking after her and writing a book at the same time. I have epilepsy and I was quite ill last year as well, so it took about three years to write.”

April is National Autism Awareness Month and so Kathryn is going to donate all proceeds from the sale of Discovery at Rosehill during the month to the National Autistic Society.

The novel tells of how Camilla, a medium in her 40s, moves to a new house in a fictional village in the Scottish borders, led by the spirit of her grandmother.

She is told this is where she needs to live because there are things she needs to learn about herself. She also falls in love with the village vicar and helps him to come to terms with his own secret past.

Kathryn does concede that it is difficult to continue writing now that the farming is in full swing.

“At the moment we are lambing so it’s quite difficult to do any writing,” she said. I finished completely in January, so I made sure that was out the way. It’s quite difficult because when Amy comes home from school, I have to look after her.”

The reaction of 61-year-old husband James to the publication was not what you might expect.

“He’s really proud. He was a bit sceptical at first and he’s too busy half the time to take any notice. But he’s really happy and really proud now that it’s actually published.

“I haven’t really told anyone, but it brought a tear to his eye when he saw it for real, if you imagine a big, burly farmer!”

Details on how to get a copy of the book, in paperback or e-book, are available on www.crystaljigsaw.blogspot.com