Jobs put at risk at Alnwick fishing firm

Hardy and Greys in Alnwick.
Hardy and Greys in Alnwick.

Staff at Alnwick’s world-famous fishing firm have been hit by the bombshell that there could be a string of redundancies – just three months after deputy chairman Richard Maudslay said that ‘Pure Fishing recognises the importance of Hardy’s Alnwick heritage and the skills and expertise of the Alnwick-based employees’.

In July, the Gazette reported that Hardy & Greys and its subsidiary Hardy Advanced Composites had been sold to US-based Pure Fishing, Inc. – a leading global provider of fishing tackle – for an undisclosed sum.

At the time, a company spokesman said that the buyer was keen to maintain Alnwick as the headquarters of the business and there had been no discussion about any reorganisation or job losses.

But on Tuesday, members of staff were told that up to 10 jobs are at risk.

A company spokesman said: “We have commenced consultation with the workforce regarding up to 10 proposed redundancies from the Alnwick site.

“The consultation period will run during the month of October and jobs at risk are right across the board, from the shop floor to the offices and management.

“It is part of a global reorganisation of Pure Fishing operations. The redundancies have been proposed for a variety of reasons but nothing is cast in stone yet.

“Staff were told about this on Tuesday and discussions with all those potentially at risk were completed yesterday.”

The company, based in Alnwick since its formation in 1872, and its subsidiary employ around 100 people.

The spokesman said the situation does not put the Alnwick headquarters in jeopardy.

“It doesn’t affect the long-term future. It actually reinforces the long-term future of the base in Alnwick,” he said.