Ingrid thinking big as her business expands north

Ingrid Wagner, left, and Su Boyd outside Treacle Wool Shop in Morpeth.
Ingrid Wagner, left, and Su Boyd outside Treacle Wool Shop in Morpeth.

Business boss Ingrid Wagner is thinking big after choosing Northumberland to host the first franchise of her knitting operation.

Ingrid knits with needles up to 1.2m in length and recycled woven wool selvedges to create textiles for the home.

‘Big knitting’, as she calls it, is fast and fun, and can produce quality products in next to no time, she says.

Floor pouffes can be made in five hours, rugs and sofa throws in four and cushions in two, she stated.

“This is knitting, but not as you know it. This is knitting for the impatient,” said Ms Wagner.

Ms Wagner moved her business to Kirkharle from Newcastle four years ago after it had grown so much that a retail outlet was required.

Within two years she had outgrown Kirkharle Courtyard too so she moved to Staffordshire to give her ease of access to all parts of the UK.

However, she has not forgotten Northumberland, or her loyal customer base here, so she has opened a franchise, run by Su Boyd, back in her former home county.

“I’ve known Su for a little while,” said Ms Wagner.

“She pops up at a lot of my national shows. She’s a great people person, organised and passionate about what she’s going to be doing. These are essential qualities for the person you are going to trust your business with to have.”

Ms Boyd lives near Alnwick on the coast and met Ms Wagner through a big knitting workshop at Kirkharle.

She learned to knit five years ago as a way of relaxing and quickly found out that small needles were not for her.

“I don’t have the patience to knit socks or complicated lace patterns,” said Ms Boyd.

“I wanted 25mm-diameter needles and not 2.5mm. I love the speed with which you can create something unique.

“It’s a dream come true for me to be working with Ingrid and bringing big knitting back to the North.”

Ms Boyd plans to run ‘big knitting’ workshops and parties, along with a monthly pop-up shop at Treacle Wool Shop in Morpeth, with the first being lined up for Saturday, July 4. For details, see Facebook page Big Knitting North, or email