Hotel turns up the heat on green energy

The buildings housing the biomass boilers at Doxford Hall Hotel and Spa.
The buildings housing the biomass boilers at Doxford Hall Hotel and Spa.

A 19th-century hotel is proving it’s hot stuff when it comes to green energy.

Doxford Hall Hotel and Spa has installed a state-of-the-art biomass system to provide its heating and hot water.

The two 199kw wood-pellet boilers will ensure sustainability and allow the hotel to enjoy clean energy.

General manager Mark Booth is committed to protection and conservation of the local environment and the reduction of the hotel’s carbon footprint.

Now, thanks to the new bespoke biomass facility, guests can enjoy a sustainable source of hot water and heating and the hotel can expect a 25 per cent reduction in its heating bills.

Mark said: “This is the first step in energy-saving initiatives being considered by Doxford Hall. Our target is a reduction in our heating costs and a saving in CO2 emissions. This project qualified for the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) scheme administered by Ofgem and in turn provides a 20-year guaranteed income to our business’s heating through renewable sources.

“Together with the anticipated fuel savings between oil and wood pellets and the RHI payments, I am confident that we can demonstrate substantial savings while reducing our impact on the environment. By switching from a carbon-based fuel to carbon neutral biomass pellets, the financial saving is anticipated to be in excess of £1.5million over 20 years.”

Robin Dummett, CEO of Novus Biomass, said; “We completed a feasibility to identify the most effective renewable energy solution for Doxford Hall. Due to space limitations, solar was not an option, however, biomass was ideal. The system is now fully commissioned and just in case of extreme weather conditions or other factors out of our control, the original system is still available as a back-up function.”

Each boiler will save around 100 tonnes of C02 emissions per year.