Higher pay-outs could be made

Landowners could be owed thousands of pounds in pylon damage and disturbance compensation.

Research by land and property specialists George F White claims that landowners are getting less than they should be.

Most electricity pylons are in place under a temporary right between the landowner and electricity distributor. The landowner receives an annual payment which is deemed to reflect the detrimental impact to agricultural activities that pylons have by being on or over the land.

But electricity distributors can offer one-off payments to obtain permanent rights, which many landowners take without realising how much compensation they are entitled to.

Rural practice surveyor Robert Moore said: “Our research shows that, overall, the compensation amount payable should be much higher that the current amounts being issued for permanent rights. We urge landowners who are considering granting permanent rights to electricity distributors to consider very carefully whether the offer on the tale is truly reflective of the loss in value to the property as once a permanent right is handed over and a compensation amount agreed, it’s too late to look back.”