Hat-trick of sheep dog trial results

A sheep dog in action.
A sheep dog in action.

The Northumberland Sheep Dog Trials League held an open trial at Whalton Show on Saturday.

Lynn Morland, from Wolsingham, judged 32 dogs working good Mule sheep over a large testing course.

Results: 1 Paul Turnbull, Rothbury, with Glen, 85/100pts; 2 Brian Bell, Wolsingham, Lynn, 81; 3 Bevis Jordan, Whitfield, Pearl, 80; 4 Frank Whitfield, Quebec, Bob, 80; 5 Bevis Jordan, Sage, 74; 6 David Henderson, Allendale, Star, 73.

Also on Saturday, an open trial was held at Slaggyford.

Mike Beaty, from Greystoke, judged 42 dogs working strong Mule sheep over a compact course.

Results: 1 Bevis Jordan, Sage, 92; 2 Arthur Temple, Holmrook, Zazoo, 92; 3 Gavin Fearon, Threlkeld, Roy, 89; 4 Dennis Purdham, Holmrook, Folly, 88; 5 Ros Watson, Millom, Taff, 87; 6 Chris Todd, Loweswater, Tess, 86.

On Sunday, the League held an open trial at Sharperton Edge, Harbottle.

Jim Fyall, from Bellingham, judged 34 dogs working Mule sheep over a large demanding course.

Results: 1 Michael Davidson, Wooler, Taff, 87; 2 Keith Preston, Stow, Queen, 80; 3 Paul Turnbull, Dot, 75; 4 John Robinson, Coldingham, Twist, 75; 5 Cameron Dickson, Coldingham, Tweed, 74; 6 David Baxter, Harbottle, Don, 73.