Hairdressers expand skills by mastering the art of tea brewing

Gienette Jefferson-Cobb, from The Alnwick Studio, and Caroline Stewart, from Bari Tea.
Gienette Jefferson-Cobb, from The Alnwick Studio, and Caroline Stewart, from Bari Tea.

Two north Northumberland businesses have joined forces in what may seem an unusual collaboration.

The Alnwick Studio hair stylists have chosen to serve tea from Bari, the Alnwick-based tea brewery and tea importers.

A range of teas will be available in the salon, but before the staff at The Alnwick Studio can begin to serve teas to their clients, they will undergo tea training from the owner of Bari, Caroline Stewart.

Caroline, a self-confessed tea enthusiast, said: “There’s so much more to making a good cup of tea than bunging a tea bag into a mug.

“At Bari, we’re passionate about making sure all our teas are made and served properly in our tea brewery and by our trade customers.

“We provide thorough training, the equipment and, of course, the teas so every cup of Bari tea is made to a really high standard.

“The Alnwick Studio is a great fit with the Bari brand as it is an independent, contemporary business bringing something different to the region.”

The tea training given to the Studio team will cover the different water temperatures to use with different types of teas, how long each tea needs to brew and tips like never boiling the kettle twice as it affects the oxygen content in the water and the taste of the tea.

Nigel Meredith, owner of The Alnwick Studio, said: “It’s been fascinating finding out more about the teas; we pride ourselves on our drinks and tasting menus as they are one of our points of difference over our competitors, but we needed to improve our tea offering.

“Bari is a perfect partner as Caroline, like us, is running a creative, exciting, service-centric business.”