Gym is in a healthy position after launching in January

The Real Fitness team.
The Real Fitness team.

A gym which is offering a world-renowned fitness trend is going from strength to strength since opening at the start of the year.

Real Fitness, in Alnwick, hosts group classes and personal training for people of all abilities using the CrossFit methodology.

This special type of exercise focuses on core strength and conditioning, with constantly varied functional movements performed at relatively high intensity.

The Lionheart Enterprise Park-based facility is run by qualified coaches Hesus Kidd and Collette Pryer, both from Alnwick, Matt Pearce, of Newton-by-the-Sea, and Vicky Mundy, from Belford.

Hesus said: “Real Fitness is a gym with a difference and the only CrossFit, strength and conditioning gym in Alnwick.

“It is totally different to your conventional gym and the CrossFit programme delivers a fitness that is designed to be broad, general and inclusive. Anyone can do it regardless of age, fitness level or experience. It is for the very unfit to the superfit and everyone in between.

“The classes are varied, themed and based around things you do in everyday life and you really can see the benefits.

“If people want to be fitter, stronger, lose body fat, be more physically able and feel better in their body, then we’re committed to helping them do that.”

The gym offers CrossFit sessions throughout the week, including a CrossFit creche for mums, dads and children and for pre and post-natal women. There are also open gym periods.

The Real Fitness team has also started sessions for first and middle-school pupils during the summer holidays.

Hesus admits that things are moving in the right direction since the venue opened its doors at the beginning of January.

He said: “It has done really well and we are starting to build our community, which is nice and it is what we wanted to do.

“It means that it is not just about working out, but also giving people the chance to socialise.”

Local sports stars such as champion boxer Cyrus Pattinson and Emma Pringle, who has been weight-lifting with Great Britain, have used the gym.

For more information, visit or call 07715 002875 or 07446 971158.