Go-to website for all your partying needs

Matt Mavir'Party King
Matt Mavir'Party King

A Rothbury businessman, who has run a stag and hen business for more than 10 years, has recently launched a new party website.

The Party King, the new venture from Morpeth-based company Last Night Ltd, sells a large range of fancy dress and party wear and is looking to become a serious contender in the online party industry.

Last Night Ltd started life in 1999 selling stag and hen weekends and in 2008 they decided to expand into stag and hen accessories.

When this went on to be a great success it seemed natural for the business, owned by Matt Mavir, to expand further into the party industry.

Starting out in a tiny 500 sq foot warehouse in Rothbury in April 2008, they soon moved to larger premises on Coopies Field Industrial Estate, Morpeth, in August 2010.

However, with growing sales and the launch of The Party King, Last Night Ltd is once again looking for new premises in the North East with the hope of securing a 15,000 sq ft warehouse in the near future.

And the upgrade means that the business will be recruiting new staff as soon as, if not before, they move into the new site.

Hopefully, the business will be hiring three to five full-time employees.

The Party King launched with more than 200 products in stock, and they plan to add new products on a weekly basis with the aim of offering a ‘go-to’ website for every party occasion.

Matt Mavir, owner of Last Night Ltd, said: “I’m super-excited that I can now use my 12 years’ experience in the stag and hen industry to help everyone party harder.”

Prior to the launch of The Party King website, the company signed a sponsorship deal with local rugby team Ringers RFC, and both the sevens and touch teams will be proudly playing this season in new shirts adorned with The Party King logo.

To find out more, visit www.thepartyking.co.uk