Go online to record campaign

Campaign for the Farmed Environment (CFE) voluntary measures can once again be recorded online so farmers and land managers can declare the work they are undertaking to support the campaign.

Many farmers manage marginal areas of land to benefit farm businesses, and at the same time provide habitat for pollinators and other beneficial insects, as well as protecting watercourses.  

This management can be recognised as voluntary measures that support the CFE, which is entering its third year, but they need to be recorded. Corrina Gibbs, national project manager, said: “Farmers and land managers across England may be surprised to find out that their existing management, with small changes to practices, could count towards the CFE.

“By managing areas of marginal land in line with the ‘red box’ or essential requirements, as detailed in the ‘Guide to voluntary measures’, the industry can show its ability to deliver environment benefits without the need for regulation.”

The online option is the easy way to record support, or a hard copy can be ordered from the CFE Programme Office, which can also provide farm signs highlighting these measures on farm and copies of the Guide to voluntary measures.