David and Don take nursery title

THE final Northumberland League Nursery Trial was held at Dykehead Farm, Rochester, on Sunday where Archie Tait, from Barrasford, judged 11 dogs working well-behaved LLeyn hoggs over a snow-covered hillside course.

Results: 1 Paul Turnbull, Rothbury, with Roy, 85/100pts; 2 Emma Gray, Elsdon, Len, 83; 3 Bevis Jordan, Whitfield, Grizz, 78; 4 Keith Preston, Kirkwelpington, Hope, 77; 5 David Baxter, Harbottle, Don, 74; 6 Alan Clark, Alnwick, Nip, 69.

The Championship trial that followed was won by Paul Turnbull; 2 Alan Clark; 3 Bevis Jordan; 4 Emma Gray.

The overall nursery league winner for the five trials was David Baxter with Don.