Dairy launches a Darling new cheese

Darling Blue - Doddington Dairy's new cheese.
Darling Blue - Doddington Dairy's new cheese.

An award-winning north Northumberland dairy is set to launch its first blue cheese.

One of Northumberland’s best-loved heroines, Grace Darling, has been commemorated in Darling Blue, which is being officially launched next Monday in the food hall at Fenwick Newcastle where samples of the cheese will be available for people to taste.

Produced by the multi-award-winning Doddington Dairy, the cheese is named after the 22 year-old heroine who helped rescue the survivors of a shipwreck off the Farne Islands in 1838.

The Darling Blue cheese is a creamy, full-flavoured blue cheese with a naturally moulded rind. Matured for around two to three months, it is Doddington’s only pasteurised milk cheese.

Doddington Dairy, based in the village near Wooler, hand-crafts cheese from its own milk. Normally using raw milk and rennet, it creates and matures its cheeses in the stone barns of its own farm buildings.

Cheese-maker Margaret Anne Maxwell said: “We’ve been designing and testing Darling Blue for a number of years and are very pleased with the reactions of everyone who has trialled it. When we were looking for a name, we wanted to emphasise its youthful character and its strong connections with Northumberland. Grace Darling is many people’s idea of an ideal heroine, and we are pleased to honour her in our cheese.

“I believe in quality, tradition and provenance. Here at Doddington, our hand-crafted cheeses are normally made from the unpasteurised milk of our own dairy herd. Milked every single day since 1950 and one of only 22 herds left in the whole of Northumberland.”

Darling Blue is now available in restaurants, delicatessen and speciality food shops across the North East. Further information and details of stockists of Darling Blue can be found on www.doddingtondairy.co.uk or by calling 01668 283010.